Update: ARM powered iPad clone to launch next week!

Arm powered ipad clone side
Arm powered ipad clone side

We reported last week that an ARM powered iPad clone was nearing launch and now we have spy shots of the device running a very familiar looking O.S. The Shenzhen maker has modified Android to mimic the look of the iPad’s operating system, and give it a suitable body to boot!
On board specs look pretty good too, with a 600Mhz ARM processor, 256M memory, and built in storage ranging from a puny 1GB to a monstrous 64GB.

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Unfortunately the model shown in the pictures seems to have omitted a lot of the functions that made it look so desirable, such as USB ports and SD card reader.
The Shenzhen made iPad clone will be available from April in 7 inch form. The 10 inch model shown in the pictures is going through a prototype debugging stage so will be launched after the 7 inch, possibly in May.

Prices are still hush hush, but an insider let slip that the 7 inch model will cost around 1000RMB trade price so possibly 1500RMB retail!

More news and hands on soon!

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