Confirmed: iPhone 5 Will Still Have a Physical Round ‘Home’ Button

iphone 5 home button leaked
Looks like the iPhone 5 might have a boring old round home button after all!

Can’t we just hang on for one more month without fueling the iPhone 5 rumor fires? No! And it looks like this photo might be debunking a few of the previous iPhone 5 thoughts.

Will the iPhone 5 have a physical home button or not?

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Will the iPhone 5 have a round physical home button or oval?

Well sorry to burst your, hopeful bubbles, but according to this picture the iPhone 5 will still have the plain old ordinary physical round home button every iPhone has had since launch.

The image shows what is claimed to be the internal parts of an iPhone 5 home button. Of course just because the part is round doesn’t necessarily mean the button shape hasn’t changed, but more importantly there is no proof that this is in actual fact a genuine iPhone 5 component!


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