iPhone 5 Will Use Super Fast HSPA+

china unicom iphone 5 hspa+ leak
China Unicom claim the new iPhone will run HSPA+


Those Chinese mobile network companies have been out and about leaking news of Apple’s latest devices, but this time the news has a little more credit as it comes from Apple’s number one partner in China, China Unicom!

Speaking at this years Macworld Asia, representatives from China Unicom claim the next generation iPhone, either i Phone 4S or i Phone 5 will use the network’s super fast new HSPA+ data connection!

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But, what does that actually mean for us? Well it will mean that the next generation iPhone will have access to a 3G connection 3 times faster than the current iPhone 4!

China Unicom announce iPhone 5, iPhone 4GS will get HSPA+ Video

The iPhone 4 is no slouch, but is limited to using a network connection of 7.2Mbps, the new iPhone, however will be much faster due to it’s HSPA+ 21Mbps connection!

China Unicom say they will role out the new HSPA+ data network to over 26,000 3G network stations throughout China meaning the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4GS will be able to make full use of it’s new found speed!

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