Fake iPhone 5 On Sale in China

Fake iPhone 5 On Sale in China


iphone 5 available chinaThe latest rumor is that the iPhone 5 MAY ship at the end of September, but the impatient Shenzhen guys have jumped the gun again and already launched an iPhone 5 clone!


Update 3: 5 Places you can buy an iPhone 5 clone.

Update 2: White iPhone 5 Clones on sale for $47

Update! Hands on video of the iPhone(y) can be seen here.

It’s not the most awe inspiring clone, to us at least, we’ve seen and, but it does look to follow the shape those leaked iPhone 5 case designs pointed at.

The body is a very thin, 7mm!!! black plastic affair with the usual iPhoney (comedy drum roll) cameras, LED flash, plus controls for power and volume.

iphone 5 64gb
Take those markings with a pinch of salt

The rear of the iPhone 5 knock off states its a 64Gb model, something which we highly doubt, and also has all the FCC and safety markings you would expect on a real Apple product, only in this case they mean absolutely nothing!

iphone 5 launch date
Why wait for the iPhone 5 to come when you can buy this fake now?

For 699 Yuan ($108) you get also get a JAVA based OS, MP3 and MP$ playback and WI-Fi.

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  • So for the real thing, kinda like an iPhone 4, full metal border, slightly rounded off corners, bit of a taper and an edge-to-edge screen?

    I’m cool with that.

    Obviously this knock-off crap isn’t going to have the posh, expensive screen and the overal quality of finish, but the general implications I think make for quite a nice looking (and ergonomic!) phone.

    And then I can finally retire my 3GS to being the kitchen iPod full time

  • Lewis

    I don’t think I like it. It just doesn’t seem to look right. Okay it’s a clone and I’m sure the real thing will look better but I still don’t know if I like it. I don’t like how they’ve gone back to the curves of the original iPhone and 3G/S, feels like a whole step backwards tbh.

    • I know what you mean. Perhaps if it was machined alloy like the back of an iPad?

  • “Designed by Apolle in California Assemeaded in USA” – heh…

    • Haha good spot! I hadn’t even noticed that!

  • Charly

    would like!

  • Tylerr

    Where can I pick up one of these online in the US?

    • I’m sure they’ll be on Ebay soon enough, but if I find some place else I’ll let you know

  • Apple dude

    What if the back was curved glass, rather than plastic. That’d be nice, huh?

    • That would be great! Perhaps when the cloners have their game faces on they’ll up the details?

  • I Phone

    Designed by Apolle!!!???
    Definitely not getting one of those …

  • tristan

    Where can i buy one of these?

    • For everyone asking where they can buy an iPhone 5 knock-off you should find an email from us in your inbox.

  • Ob Server

    Now with much better antenna!

    Also now working daylight saving (clock).

    But too low price, 599 dollars sounds better.

    • Ah you are right! Someone forgot to add the Apple tax 🙂

  • Obi wan

    I wanna buy this!!!

  • Josen

    i want it…where i can get it?

  • Kentochan

    Can I too purchase an iPhone 5 clone?

  • markus

    Where can i buy one of these?

    • 5 places you can buy iPhone 5 clone now!

  • Chinese always be one step ahead, even a misstep

  • jimmy larsson

    i have this iphone 5 clone its very good
    i like it very mutch 🙂

    • cindi

      may I ask, where do you get your clone from


  • kim

    whatever is fake or not and working on, and price is reasonable. that’s fine to comsumers. it is better than shit expensive samsung galaxy which has many problems, how about making chinese brand to beat samsung or making much better than them, I don;t like samsung product. I throw away money and product. what are U think of it? chinese comsumers?/U.S.

  • Lucas

    Didn’t they say 4G is coming out to celebrate 50 years of mobile phones?

  • Kevin

    where can i buy one of these and is it legal to purchase and import several items through costums?

    • @Kevin I wouldn’t think so!

  • kasci

    Does this work with ATT service?