iPhone(y) 5 Hands On Video

iPhone(y) 5 Hands On Video


hands on video iphone 5

Update 2: 5 Places you can buy an iPhone 5 clone.

Update: White iPhone 5 Clones on sale for $47

We brought news of the iPhone(y) 5 clone, which was recently launched here in China, a few days ago, and now we have more photos plus a hands on video!The iPhone 5 clone in the video has a rear facing camera with LED flash, a JAVA based OS, plus a capacitive touch-screen.

As pointed out by some of our comment0rs, if this is a true representation of what the next generation iPhone 5 is going to look like, it seems more like a step backwards rather than a step forward in design. The knock off model shown in the photos and video here, look more like what an iPhone 3Gs Air might look like, rather than the iPhone 4’s replacement.

Check out the video of the iPhone(y) 5 clone below.


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  • DS3

    DO YOU MEAN look more like what an iPhone 3Gs HEIR might look like??? Who pays you to write? They should sue.

    • No I meant Air just as I wrote. An iPhone 3GS Air might look like this (a thin iPhone 3GS)

  • Adforum

    Chinese is damn parasites!!!!!!!

    • Why do you say that? China were not the first country to copy the West and won’t be the last! Also, work on your grammar! ‘are’ not ‘is’!

  • pasha

    Can be ordered from the Russian

    • The OS is a JAVA based one so only basic JAVA apps will work. I’m sure you can get one in Russia but I don’t know where.

  • Matt

    Sorry, but the chinese have been duplicating things for YEARS. They create fraudulent items and destroy market values for collectibles, and now they are making their own version of the iPhone.

    Thats what you get with a country that has no creativity of their own.

  • Matt

    Andi, if you want examples I can name quite a bit.
    Even in the collectible market – how many reproductions of items are there when it comes to money banks? Roseville Pottery? Wind up toys? Souvenirs? Jewelry such as reproduction movado watches, rolex, you name it. Now there are reproductions of Tiffany & Co.

    What I am getting at, is it’s not China’s own version of these items, it’s that they are EXACTLY copying them color for color, line by line, piece by piece.

    Come up with your own crap and stop trying to ruin the market commies!

    And if you are going to tell someone to work on their grammer, you might as well yourself. “China were not”, China IS not.

  • I get what you are on about, I just wish you hadn’t resorted to name calling….. Commies… Parasites… it’s all a bit rude isn’t it?

  • Joe

    I don’t like the phones without brands from China… The materials are cheap and the OS is crap. Maybe if the chinese cellphone companies created a brand and started to use a better OS, like android, they could make a good and competitive phone. Chinese companies are able to make a exact copy from a famous brand product, but I think they may sell more if they unite their forces to make a trustfull brand.

    • The problem is getting their brands recognized. It’s easier and much cheaper for these Chinese companies to knock-off an iPhone and give it a JAVA or Android OS than it would be to produce and market their own design. Take a look at the GooApple phone. That is a great phone with great functions and a lovely iOS looking Android OS, they have the skills to make a great phone, but they don’t have the funds to market it.
      That’s not to say all Chinese companies are copy cats. Meizu is one that springs to mind who make well made phones, and Oppo another.

  • Tardigrade

    “if this is a true representation of what the next generation iPhone 5 is going to look like, it seems more like a step backwards rather than a step forward in design”

    It’s a clone! Why do you imply/assume any similarity between this phone and iPhone 5?

  • Matt

    It is not what the iPhone 5 will be like.

    Sorry for the name calling. I just get really angry when I watch markets being destroyed because of fakes from china. Another great example is golf clubs, and clothing. It’s ridiculous.

    This is why I will NEVER buy something from China, unless I have no real options.

    • 5 places you can buy iPhone 5 clone now!

  • naw

    Everybody copies everybody else – sure China rips off Western tech designs – but the copying is at the most trivial cosmetic level – apart from that the tech is (relatively) original. Do you have bone-china teacups, a silk shirt?
    The fact that China is using Apple (and many other) inspired designs and creating an otherwise original product at a fraction of the price should be a worry. Now – they are *innovating* at the *production* and design phase, soon they will be *innovating* at the production *inception* phase.
    Exactly the same cycle as Japan, Korea, Taiwan – but I bet you love your LG TV, Sony BlueRay, Samsung Phone…