iPhone(y) 5 Hands On Video

hands on video iphone 5

Update 2: 5 Places you can buy an iPhone 5 clone.

Update: White iPhone 5 Clones on sale for $47

We brought news of the iPhone(y) 5 clone, which was recently launched here in China, a few days ago, and now we have more photos plus a hands on video!The iPhone 5 clone in the video has a rear facing camera with LED flash, a JAVA based OS, plus a capacitive touch-screen.

As pointed out by some of our comment0rs, if this is a true representation of what the next generation iPhone 5 is going to look like, it seems more like a step backwards rather than a step forward in design. The knock off model shown in the photos and video here, look more like what an iPhone 3Gs Air might look like, rather than the iPhone 4’s replacement.

Check out the video of the iPhone(y) 5 clone below.


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