Android Basics: How to uninstall and delete Android apps

Android Basics: How to uninstall and delete Android apps


deleting android apps,delete android apps,delete apps from android,delete android app,android delete app,delete apps on android,So you have found yourself with one of the many great Android tablets on the market, and have filled your SD card chock full of games, productivity apps and social media applications, however you now need to free up some space, ‘How do I delete Android applications?’ you may be asking, and we have the answer.As you would expect, Google have made deleting Android applications a breeze for Android phone and Android tablet owners, and there are actually a couple of ways to can successfully uninstall Android apps:


How to delete Android apps the settings menu

  1. From your home screen head in to settings. Depending on your device you may either need to open a settings application or press menu > settings.
  2. In the settings menu scroll down to ‘applications’ and choose it.
  3. Choose the ‘manage applications’ option.
  4. Now you can choose the applications you want to delete
  5. Choose uninstall.


How to delete downloaded applications from inside Android market

  1. Open the Android market.
  2. Head to the menu and choose ‘my apps’.
  3. Scroll to through your apps choosing the packages you want to remove.
  4. Hit uninstall.

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    • You might need to install a new rom. Which phone is it? and what apps do you want to remove?