Super Cute Mini Macbook Air

mini macbook air,knock off mini macbook air,mini macbook air mirror china,buy mini macbook air mirrorJust when we thought Macbook Air knock off’s couldn’t get any better, this shanzhai palm sized Mini Macbook Air turns up in all it’s super cute goodness!

Just like the full size Macbook Air and it’s knock off cousin, this pocket size mini Macbook Air features a tapered, super thin design, and a chicklet style keyboard.

The tiny screen is also super reflective, in fact it’s almost mirror like!

Unfortuatly these itsy bitsy super cute mini Macbook Air knock-off’s aren’t actually computers but in fact pocket mirrors for touching up your make up or popping the odd zit!



This Mac inspired compact measures 6.5cm  x 9.5cm, and is so well detailed it even has a faux USB and micro SD card reader!

These super tiny mini Macbook Air mirrors are on sale in China now for only 12 Yuan ($2)!

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