Android Hack Allows Access To Google Wallet!

We all like to hack our Android devices, but this is one Android tablet hack we don’t want to see. This latest Android hack actually exposese your Google wallet Pin and credit card details! Security tips after the jump! Joshua Rubin of Zvelo, has discovered your Google Wallet PIN, purchase history and possibly even credit card number could be at risk if your are running a rooted Android device.

Rubin discovred that uploading a small hack on to a rooted Android phone can actually force open a users private Google Wallet details and possibly allow a hacker to purchase items using the credit card numbers stored inside!



How to keep your Google Wallet PIN safe from hackers

While the hack means that your phone would need to be taken from you to access your PIN and credit card details, Rubin has suggested a few security measures for those who are worried of hackers accessing their Google Wallet accounts

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Tips to keep your Google Wallet account secure

Do Not “Root” the Cell Phone – Doing so will be one less step for a thief.
Enable Lock Screens – “Face Unlock,” “Pattern,” “PIN” and “Password” all increase physical security to the device. “Slide,” however, does not.
Disable USB Debugging – When enabled, the data on mobile devices can be accessed without first passing a lock screen challenge unless Full Disk Encryption is also enabled.
Enable Full Disk Encryption – This will prevent even USB Debugging from bypassing the lock screen.
Maintain Device Up-To-Date – Ensure the device is current with the latest official software. Unfortunately, users are largely at the behest of their carrier and cell phone manufacturer for this. Using only official software and keeping devices up-to-date is the best way to minimize vulnerabilities and increase security overall.

Google have been made aware of the security problem and are working on a fix.


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