Knock off Beats Headphones only $42 in China

Knock off Beats Headphones only $42 in China


buy low price dr dre beats headphones chinaThis personally makes a lot of sense to us here at Gizchina. Everyday we see 20 – 30 people walking around town, here in Qingdao, China, listening to their Jay Chou or S.H.E on (what we beleived to be) a genuine pair of Doctor Dre Beats headphones. But the truth is oh so much more interesting.

The Beats range of headphones are easily available here in China, however they cost upwards of 1000 Yuan ($159) with range toppers costing more than a Xiaomi M1 Android smartphone!

So to make up for the obvious demand of these awesome sounding and great looking DJ headphones and ear buds, local Chinese factories have started to produce their own Shanzhai (knock off) versions.



A quick search online brought me to this pair of fake Beats headphones which come complete with carry case and authentic looking packaging all for the low low price of 270 Yuan ($42)!.

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  • Vincentallen2

    Could you provide or email me the link to these $42 beats? I’m buying a pair next, and this is the cheapest price I found

    • Sorry we don’t sell these or any knock off product.

    • Chinaman

      Chinese ebay….use google translate to understand.

      Also, I’ve tested them, as I live here in China, and believe me when I say, they SUCK! Anyone can EASILY tell they are knockoffs. Not only in the construction, but the audio quality. No comparison to a good pair of headphones, which are hard to come by in China. So that’s maybe why they say they can’t tell the difference, b/c they’ve never heard a good pair before.

  • Gene

    I’m asuming the quality isn’t good at all. Is there anyway to tell the real from the fake?

    • If you were to just buy a pair without actually testing them, I’m sure you could be tricked in to buying a fake pair. That said even after testing I would bet only the most hardened music lover would really heat the difference between the knock off and real beats headphones. I would suggest you test them with some very hard bass music to see how well they hold up.

      • stkkr

        ive got real and have heard fake ones too i dont hear any differance and ive been dj for over 10 years

    • Etzer

      Actually, they’re pretty good. I bought a pair of knock-off Beats Pro and they are really impressive for the price. Moreover, genuine Monster Beats are generally mocked in the audiophile community anyway. The fact that they come from Monster alone should be a red flag.

  • brian deman

    OK let’s face it everything is made in china and if it isnt now it soon will be. I wouldn’t doubt if the beats by Dre aren’t made in china. I personally don’t think they sound that great at the price your gonna pay. There is a lot of other products that meet or surpass the beats level of sound. To name a few Sennheiser, shure, audio-technica all of these brands make entry to pro level headphones the blow beats level of quality. We can all thank the Chinese for making products affordable for everyone.

  • Renee

    Are they still for sale?

  • Chris

    Are real Beats sold in China? I’m going there for vacation and I’m wondering if I could get a pair that is less expensive than the ones in the US. I’m not interested in fake ones, so I’m just wondering if there are real Beats in China. FYI I’m visiting Beijing.

    • yes they are but they are really expensive