Knock off Beats Headphones only $42 in China

buy low price dr dre beats headphones chinaThis personally makes a lot of sense to us here at Gizchina. Everyday we see 20 – 30 people walking around town, here in Qingdao, China, listening to their Jay Chou or S.H.E on (what we beleived to be) a genuine pair of Doctor Dre Beats headphones. But the truth is oh so much more interesting.

The Beats range of headphones are easily available here in China, however they cost upwards of 1000 Yuan ($159) with range toppers costing more than a Xiaomi M1 Android smartphone!

So to make up for the obvious demand of these awesome sounding and great looking DJ headphones and ear buds, local Chinese factories have started to produce their own Shanzhai (knock off) versions.



A quick search online brought me to this pair of fake Beats headphones which come complete with carry case and authentic looking packaging all for the low low price of 270 Yuan ($42)!.

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