Top 5 Best Free Music App Android

Top 5 Best Free Music App Android


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The Ainol Novo 7 Android tablet is a fantastic little Ice-cream sandwich tablet, but it can do more than just play games and browse the web, you can also use your tablet to expand your music library and for FREE.

5 Ways to get free music Android

Although the title say there apps are for the Ainol Novo 7 range of Android tablets, the following 5 free music apps will work on any Android device. So you can expand your Android music library for free now on your Android tablet or Android phone!


Music Download

As the name would suggest this app allows you get free music download for Android phones and tablets.
Just search for the song or music you want to download to your Android device and download if for free.


Music Junk

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Music Junk might have a garbage name, but this free music app is by far one of the best free Android music apps avaiable in the Android store now!


MP3 Download

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As the name suggest MP3 download allows you to download free music to your Android device and save it on your SD card! This is truly one of the best free music apps on Android!


Music Paradise

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Music Paradise looks great, but isn’t as featured packed as the rest on this list but for the low, low price of FREE you can really go wrong, so this makes it on to our best free music Android app list!


Music Box PRO


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Music Box PRO is no longer available through the Android Market, but if you were to do a quick Google you can still find copies of this great free Android music app floating about!

We will have more great useful app lists soon so!

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  • Nice list! I like the music box pro! This one is best for low memory android mobiles!

  • You can easily play your popular songs with the help of easy navigations. The main function of this free music player app is the immediate access your music collection on the internet using your Android phone.

  • mrs.malik

    it would be really heplful if you could put a link with it.

  • chris

    great apps

  • willie medina

    I cannot download your website


    The best app to PLAY and DOWNLOAD MUSIC here:

  • Malina_NY

    Now that Music Paradise is dead, best alternative is FrostWire Plus ( – the basic version is just a bittorrent client, but the plus (still free) downloads from youtube and soundcloud too, so plenty of content. Love it!

  • Amy Wang

    Awesome. I use the Music Maniac Pro from the Here also offers some free music apps. Have a try.

  • Abdul Roqib

    My favorite is music paradise pro, here url to download android app