China Launches World’s Cheapest Car And It Actually Looks Good

When you hear the phrase “World’s Cheapest Car” your thoughts will probably end up being whipped up in to a frenzy around the terrible looking Tata Nano from India! A car so cheap it uses deck chairs for seats! But now China’s Zotye are on the scene (thankfully!).

Zotye are one of the smaller lesser known Chinese car manufacturers, but anyone following the plucky company will have seen some huge developments from them.

Their first popular car was a licensed version of a tiny Daihatsu jeeb, and the company has gone on to buy designs from Fiat.

The latest car though seems to be based on Suzuki’s low cost Alto platform. It has real seats and is powered by a 1 litre engine, and judging by most Chinese cars, has an AC unit.

Best of all, or should we say amazingly of all, is the price for the little Zotye Z100 which stars at a super low 23,000 Yuan and maxes out at a pocket money priced 25,000 Yuan!

For more details and to catch up on the latest automotive news from China head over to China Car Times!

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