$100 Macbook Air Clone is World’s Cheapest Laptop

fake macbook air is worlds cheapest windows pc

For those of us who can’t afford to buy the latest Apple laptop, or just don’t want to get caught paying an exuberant amount of Apple tax this super low cost, budget Macbook Air knock off is for you!

This $100 Macbook Air clone, marketed as the L70 in China, is not just the worlds cheapest Macbook Air Clone, it could also be the worlds cheapest Windows laptop!

Don’t be but off the this super low price either as this ultra affordable Macbook Air clone is actually quite a powerful laptop!

For $100 (600 Yuan) the L70 Macbook air clone boasts an Intel Atom D2500 dual-core CPU clocked at an impressive 1.86GHZ, options of either 1GB-2GB or even 4GB of RAM, a 13.3 inch LCD screen and a 1.3 mega-pixel web camera for use with Skype and other web and video chat applications.

There are also a couple of USB pluss, choices of 160G to 500G hard drives and even a choice of colours, black or white!

Other nice features include the 3 cell battery which is lightweight and offers a few hours of continued use, and the built in 4 in 1 SD card reader.

Of cause for this low price this knock off Macbook Air doesn’t ship with OSX Lion and an all alloy body but instead Windows XP and a tough impact resistant plastic shell.

Via: MicDigi

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