6 Online Stores You Can Buy The iPhone 5 Knock-Off NOW and why you shouldn’t buy one!

Like the eager beavers most of us are, many readers have been asking ‘Where can I buy an iPhone 5 clone?’ We’ll here are 6 online stores in China where you can pick up one of these bargain Java powered iPhone 5 clones now, and a few tips on how to buy in China too!

Before you get started!

  1. None of the following links are affiliated with Gizchina.com in anyway, if you choose to buy from them you do so at your own risk.
  2. Each link will take you to an online store in China, meaning it might help if you speak Chinese, luckily many guys will be able to speak enough English to help you out.
  3. To call China add 0086 to the number.
  4. Many sellers use QQ, so if you have a QQ account it will help.

Knock off iPhone 5 Specifications

If the above hasn’t put you off enough to try and pursue buying a knock off iPhone 5 from a Chinese reseller then your going to want to know what to expect from your sub $20 iPhone (yes they are that cheap!).

In short don’t expect much from your fake new iPhone, you won’t be getting a well built multi function smart phone running a nice Android OS based on iOS6 like you would if you bought one of the excellent GooApple Phones from a store like www.android-sale.com (you should buy a GooApple from Android-sale is what we’re saying).

Fake iPhone 5’s usually:

  • Run a JAVA based OS.
  • Have extremely poor resolution screen.
  • Have very poor front and rear camera.
  • Claim to have Wifi but do NOT.
  • Lack an app store.
  • Have no 3G.
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Where can I buy an iPhone 5 clone now?

My goodness you still want to buy one of these awful knock off new iPhone’s?!!! Ok then on your head be it!

Here are the links:

Link 1: Buy iPhone 5 clone online now.

Link 2: Buy iPhone 5 clone online now.

Link 3: Buy iPhone 5 clone online now.

Link 4: Buy iPhone 5 clone online now.

Link 5: Buy iPhone 5 clone online now.

Link 6: Buy iPhone 5 clone online now.

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