Pink 4-core Meizu MX not ‘manly’ enough?

If you have seen any one with the new MX you may well wonder ‘Why, did they choose the pink 4-core Meizu MX?’ Well it’s not just because pink is my favorite colour!

Meizu fans are a very active bunch so as soon as the 4-core MX was shown off and marketed available in a range of colours including ivory white, green, lilac and pink many fans thought;

1. Cool new colours!
2. Why are they all ‘girly’ colours?

Never-the-less the new MX has gone on to sell extremely well, with the pink 4-core Meizu MX taking the number one spot (at least that’s what it looks like to us).

So has the new pink MX finally given everyone a chance to show their feminine side? Actually it’s a lot more simple than that! It turns out many Meizu stores are reporting they only have white or pink 4-core Meizu Mx cases on offer, and as many fans want to be a little different have gone for the pink option as a stop gap.

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4-Core pink Meizu MX not manly enough?

It is easy to see that Meizu have really gone after the female smartphone demographic with the new pink 4-core Meizu Mx and all the other subtle hues in the range, but what about all those hardcore Meizu fans on the forums? They’re all blokes right? What about the ‘manly’ colours?

Meizu fans over at the Meizume forum have even started to mention it;

I got a free one when I bought my MX-4C from the PCCW shop! It’s pink! I wonder if they’re planning on releasing any colours that aren’t so… well, girly? Tweet this on Twitter!

So if Meizu asked you what colour MX you would have what colour would you choose? My choices are either hot pink (if it’s got to be pink it’s going to be all the pink!) or possibly red with spikes sticking out Legion of Doom Style!

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  1. Randy Fabros
    July 18, 2012

    Legion of Doom style please….. w/ Animal’s face at back……

    • July 19, 2012

      How about a Legion of Doom style with 2 spikes sticking out the top like those rabbit iPhone covers?