Chinese Phone Maker Launches 2Ghz iPhone 4S Knock Off

The time is finally here! The day that I knew was coming, a time when a Chinese phone maker finally surpasses the company they’re cloning! Here we have the Chinese iPhone 4S with 2Ghz CPU!

You read correctly folks a Chinese phone with a 2.0Ghz CPU! That’s more power than the Apple Powerbook I was using all the way up until last year! However to get that monstrous CPU in there it seems some major corners have been cut!

On sale as the M100 Google 4S this Chinese phone rocks a similar body and chassis to that of the infamous GooApple V5, meaning you get a near perfect replica iPhone 4S, but the with the benefit of a removable battery! Oh and there’s that 2Ghz CPU!!

Unfortunately the rest of the hardware is all on the poor side of shit! Although there are 2 on board cameras the rear is only a 2 mega-pixel unit, then there is only 512mb RAM which creates quite the bottle neck for the CPU oh and the 3.5 inch touch screen isn’t a retina model but instead has a resolution of only 320 x 480!


Buy Chinese Phone with iPhone body and 2ghz CPU

Still the M100 Google 4S does have a 2ghz CPU which is an amazing feat especially for a Chinese phone from a small manufacturer and you do still get an Android 4.0.3 Ice-cream Sandwich OS.

Prices are very low with the black model starting at only $144!

Get the full specs and see the video’s complete with dodgy music and other the top advertising here.

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