GooApple Y5 1Ghz With Retina Display Launched Hands On Video

GooApple Y5 1Ghz With Retina Display Launched Hands On Video


updated gooapple y5 features a 1ghz cpu

The GooApple V5 was THE iPhone 4S knock off to measure all knock offs against thanks to it’s 1:1 replica design and real Retina display, but the new GooApple Y5 is here and it adds an updated 1GHZ CPU! Details and video after the jump!

Like the GooApple V5 the new GooApple Y5 features the same amazingly accurate iPhone 4S design and extremely convincing Android 2.3 Gingerbread with an iOS 5 skin.

The 906 x 640 resolution Retina display is also present which offers excellent visuals, on par with the rear iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Apple phones.

But the Y5 leaves behind the 800mhz CPU the previous GooApple featured and now gets a Cortex A9 cpu clocked at a full 1Ghz to improve performance and stop the noticable lag the older GooApple had when gaming.

The rest of the specification is similar to the GooApple V5 meaning you get a rear 5 mega pixel camera, 1.3 mega pixel front camera, 512mb RAM, the choice of either 8-16GB of storage plus 3G and wi-fi.

Watch the GooApple Y5 Hands on Video

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  • nice try!

  • Tamadik

    i own one and it is an awesome device! none of my friends noticed it is a clone

  • ThinkNature

    I think you misspelled the title, its Goophone Y5 not GooApple…

    • Nope I mean GooApple 😉

      • bria

        where can i purchase the gooapple y5? i keep finding the goophone y5 instead. thanks