Freebao ‘China’s Facebook’ Adds Translation Feature

Forget Weibo, Renren, even Twitter, Google+ and Facebook! Freebao is the hot new social media site and with killer features like this it’s easy to see why!

Freebao promotes itself as ‘A Cross-culture Network’ and is doing this by attracting both English and Chinese speaking users. The idea behind the Facebook like social sharing site is for people from all over the globe to come together and make friends regardless of the language they speak.

Freebao is currently being aimed at Chinese and English speaking users (however there are a great number of active users from Thailand and Singapore and other countries currently using the service) and have implemented a new translation feature to all posts and comments users write.

freebao chinese translation social media

A simple press of the arrow translates Chinese text in to English!

Rather than translating the whole page only the comment or post you are interested in is translated, meaning you can easily make English or Chinese speaking Freebao friends without having to know the language.

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With that said though, Freebao are really trying to bring Chinese and English users together and the team post daily language training videos for Freebao users to freely use so that they can learn a new language while meeting like minded people from all over the world.

freebao translation chinese to english

Freebao the Chinese Facebook Only Better!

Freebao currently has around 100,00 users and aims to have more than 1 million users by the end of this year. The service is available via your computer and also through dedicated iOS and Android applications.

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For more details about Freebao and what the service offers read my article here which goes over a few of the key features of the site.

You can join Freebao for free here and start making Chinese friends right away! Also don’t forget to add Gizchina on Freebao to your circles if you decided to sign up!

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