iPhone 5 design leaked by Chinese phone case company

Wow if only ‘Friday’ rhymed with ‘leak’ as we would have coined the phrase ‘Leak Friday’! First we have another leaked Xiaomi MI2 design and now a Chinese phone cover maker has leaked the new iPhone design!

Again it seems to be the Chinese phone cover and case makers who seem to be the weak link in Apple’s secretive amour, as yet another Shenzhen based company have leaked photos of a new iPhone case, but this time they even have a dummy iPhone 5 in the photos!

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Looking at the photo above, which was originally spotted over at Gizmodo, the dummy iPhone 5 follows the same design as the current iPhone 4s and previous iPhone but appears to have a slightly longer screen and also show a smaller 19 pin dock connector. The new iPhone also appears to have the headphone jack in the base of the phone rather than in the top, which could suggest Apple needed the extra room for an improved camera!

We’ll bring you more iPhone 5 news as we get it!

Via: Techcrunch

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  1. Popo
    July 29, 2012

    Looks an awful lot like the iPhone 4 if you ask me. But what’s the casing made of? The bottom edge looks like the same material as the face. Does that mean the whole thing is LiquidMetal like some people guessed a few months back? Hmm…