Another Xiaomi MI2 Prototype Leaked!

We may not be any closer as to knowing what the quad-core Xiaomi phone may look like but judging by the number of leaks we’ve seen these past few weeks it can’t be long until the Beijing company makes an announcement!

The latest leaked Xiaomi prototype looks totally different to the two-tone model we have previously reported on, and in actual fact looks a lot like the current Meizu Mx 4-core and 2-core phones (which is no bad thing).

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As you can see from the photos here this Xiaomi MI2 prototype features a much sleeker design to the previous prototype and even boasts a front camera! Apparently according to reports the new Xiaomi MI2 will in fact get a front camera so there is every chance this prototype is closer to the final model.

Under the hood specifications haven’t changed much from what we had previously published, meaning the new MI2 will have a quad-core 1.5ghz CPU, 1Gb RAM,  and possibly a 4.65 inch screen so basically think of the Xiaomi MI2 as a more costly version of the Beidou Little Pepper quad-core.

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