Beidou Little Pepper 4-core is World’s Cheapest Quad Core Android 4.0 Phone

The dual-core $110 Beidou Little Pepper Chinese phone has been creating waves across the web with people desperately looking for a store to buy this bargain phone, well you may want to wait as Beidou have announced a quad-core version!

When we first came across the Beidou Little Pepper we were stunned by the great spec which includes a dual core CPU, 4 inch screen and 5 mega pixel rear camera on a phone costing just $110!

Well it seems the dual-core version of the Little Pepper was the tip of the ice-berg as the e-commerce store have not revealed that they are launching a quad-core model with upgraded camera for just 999 Yuan ($156) making the quad-core Little Pepper the cheapest quad-core phone in the world!


Quad Core Beidou Little Pepper Specifications and Features

The quad-core version of the Beidou Chinese phone isn’t just and updated processor in the same body as the dual-core version but actually a larger phone altogether with various upgrades.



The screen on the quad-core Little Pepper is larger at an almost HTC One X size of 4.65 inches and enjoys an improved resolution of 1280 720 pixels.

The upgrades don’t stop there however as the quad-core Chinese phone also gets an 8 mega-pixel rear camera which is a significant upgrade over the dual-core’s 5 mega pixel model.

The icing on the cake though is that the quad-core Beidou Little Pepper uses a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core CPU clocked at a very impressive 1.5ghz’s meaning that the Little Pepper isn’t just the cheapest quad-core phone but also one of the most powerful!

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1GB RAM, Android 4.0 Ice-cream Sandwich OS and updated graphics chip finish up this amazing low-cost Chinese phone!

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