Beidou Little Pepper 4-core is World’s Cheapest Quad Core Android 4.0 Phone

Beidou Little Pepper 4-core is World’s Cheapest Quad Core Android 4.0 Phone


The dual-core $110 Beidou Little Pepper Chinese phone has been creating waves across the web with people desperately looking for a store to buy this bargain phone, well you may want to wait as Beidou have announced a quad-core version!

When we first came across the Beidou Little Pepper we were stunned by the great spec which includes a dual core CPU, 4 inch screen and 5 mega pixel rear camera on a phone costing just $110!

Well it seems the dual-core version of the Little Pepper was the tip of the ice-berg as the e-commerce store have not revealed that they are launching a quad-core model with upgraded camera for just 999 Yuan ($156) making the quad-core Little Pepper the cheapest quad-core phone in the world!


Quad Core Beidou Little Pepper Specifications and Features

The quad-core version of the Beidou Chinese phone isn’t just and updated processor in the same body as the dual-core version but actually a larger phone altogether with various upgrades.



The screen on the quad-core Little Pepper is larger at an almost HTC One X size of 4.65 inches and enjoys an improved resolution of 1280 720 pixels.

The upgrades don’t stop there however as the quad-core Chinese phone also gets an 8 mega-pixel rear camera which is a significant upgrade over the dual-core’s 5 mega pixel model.

The icing on the cake though is that the quad-core Beidou Little Pepper uses a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core CPU clocked at a very impressive 1.5ghz’s meaning that the Little Pepper isn’t just the cheapest quad-core phone but also one of the most powerful!

1GB RAM, Android 4.0 Ice-cream Sandwich OS and updated graphics chip finish up this amazing low-cost Chinese phone!

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  • Kelzen

    Wow, incredible! I was considering buying the dual-core version, but with that, I would wait! Any idea about the release date? That is certainly the best phone one can buy!

  • Narciso

    Can u Please give us the web site to buy it !!!! I WANT IT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OHHH almost forgot Thank you

    • For the price I might buy two, strap them together and have the worlds first 8 core phone 😉

  • Broli

    They haven’t even released their first overhyped phone and they are already starting on a second. It would have been more believable if they actually released the little pepper.

  • Geodex

    @Broli they first one has been released. You can buy one on aliexpress. My supplier unfortunately didn’t make the cut for the first release so I didn’t get it.

    But on the bright side I can sit patiently knowing there is a better one with more specs coming out soon.

    Definitely a must buy.

    Thanks for the news.

  • ark


    High end specs with a so cheap price

    I doubt it’s possible

  • Amby

    When will these (or similar) suckers start making (such kick-ass) Dual-SIM phones !! 😛 That market needs to heat further up too with some quad-core babies ! Wishful thinking indeed, but (I hate to admit) I have complete faith in Chinese Smart Phone manufacturers.. They are not gonna wait till the eternity to bring in the big guns…

    • I can’t be long now Amby. Chinese phone makers are really up there now!,

    • Hi Amby, Chinese phones are simply awesome now! The Little Pepper is a dual SIM phone I will be posting some photos of it later with some benchmark scores.

  • max

    Is it available? or on pre-order?

    • Beidou are being really mysterious. Their site says they should have already been launched but I haven’t seen them for sale anywhere. I hope they don’t turn out to be vaporware!

  • Hi Andi
    Thanks for the continued updates on Little Pepper. I still think I’d be happy with the dual core over the quad for a few reasons:
    1) smaller – I want a travel phone not another travel tablet!
    2) battery life – I have had a lot of bad experiences with battery life on cheap Chinese gadgets. My expectations on the dual core were low at that price, but for the quad with a big screen, I’m thinking an hour’s battery! (don’t laugh I have a cheap 7″ Android tablet that barely makes it that long)
    3) price – let’s be honest, the attraction was a $110 phone to chuck in my bag on my next trip abroad, at that price I would buy 2-3 of them. $156 is cheap for a quad core but it’s already pushing past that mental barrier for a cheap device that I don’t care if it works or not…

    Please keep the updates coming, especially if you find an English website selling either of the little pepper phones.


    • Yep, certainly know what you mean. Chinese gadget are really pushing along, but battery life is not an area they seem to be making much progress. I have more photos, benchmark results and some sample photos from the Little Pepper dual-core which I will be posting later today.

  • Calvin

    Andi, what sites for China phones do you recommend as being reliable?

    • For now I can say are good. The rest I really am not sure. I’m more than happy to hear your thoughts and comments and make a resource of who we discover are the best (or worst) online stores.

  • Randy Fabros

    I read up that that 13 to 18 Chinese companies will use Tegra 3 processors to be released in 2012. I wonder which companies it would be???? Very interesting.
    Now they really have to think about the batteries not just design as this would suck out the life of it.
    Qualcomm to release quad core also.

    • It makes sense now that prices have dropped and the market is getting tougher! Roll on the low cost quad-cores!!

  • Amby

    Hi Andi,

    Life will be much sunnier if the Beidou’s Quad-core Little Pepper is a Dual Sim (G+G) phone !! Indeed, even I hope that these fancy phones come with better batteries too. Otherwise , it’ll be like driving a Lambo with a 3 litre gas tank ! 😛
    And the 8-core joke was funny 😀 Hey like many other western buyers , I would also like to know the names of reliable (well , comparatively) websites where you can buy your Chinese gadgets (I havent tried this before since I used to be a big-brand guy until I started craving for a good dual-sim phone). some sites like “ ” etc have terrible ratings and are borderline scammers.. so any reliable ones will spare us some sleepless nights. And I’m tellin’ya , the world is waiting for a Gizchina store !! 😉

    Please do keep us informed about the Quad-core beast (and anything new on Jiayu G3? ).

    Cheers !

    • Haha I’m tempted, but not sure you will see a Gizchina store anytime soon….. 😉

  • leandro

    Andy! Chinese are faster than them selves! Fastcardtech just started the pre-sell of a knock-off of the Little Pepper! It’s called “Small Chilli”! Can you beliave that! The price it’s almost the same and it also looks the same!

  • FrancisR

    Thx very much! I’ve an old mtk6515 (a defectous htc hd7 clone) and I think this is a great time 2 upgrade. Just wait a bit 😛

    • It’s a great time to be looking at a new Chinese phone! So many great options let is know what you choose.

  • Partha Pratim Dutta

    There is nothing about the Battery. The RAM, ROM, Processor Core with Battery are the important factors for selecting a Phone. Without Big Battery the Mobile Mini Computer is worthless.

  • Jonathan W.

    If only it was stock Android, I’d get it right away.

  • Wow … is it really manufactures with quadcore processor? when will it available on indonesia market?

    • Yep it’s a quad-core. More Chinese quad-core phones to come very soon thanks to MediaTek;)

  • Manxfx

    Andi For battery life I remain a G3 /G4 man lol….just need loads of patience …lol

  • Amby

    Hi Andi,

    Isnt it a fairly old article you posted? Then why the comeback? Any updates on this one? Where/when can people buy it ??

  • Josh

    Im looking for the website of the manufacture I buy oem phones and this one really interests me feel free to email me at [email protected]

  • obaid ul ahad

    Hi, Andy. Its really nice to meet you and your blog is just awesome man. Its for the first time i visited it today, and believe me I m loving it. Gonna add to my reader. And yup i searched for this phone pandawill has got the little pepper for $173

  • Cindy

    Can you used Straight Talk with any of these clone phones?

  • sam shahid

    hey andi
    i want to buy an android phone for my moms birthday. she doesnt want something with high specs or anything, a dual core phone at most, just has to be slim and durable and cost lesser then 600 yuan. any phones you know?