OSX Mountain Lion On Sale in Chinese Mac App Store

Unlike most of Apple launches the latest version of OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion is already available and ready for download (which I’m currently doing) now!Apple’s relationship with China has always been one of ‘We’ll get there when we’re good and ready’ I’m sure there are reasons why they aren’t able to launch the latest iOS devices in China as early as other countries (or at least with less of a delay) but I can’t for the life of me think what they could be.

Thankfully this policy doesn’t translate in to postponed or delayed operating system or software launches, as the latest version (and just released) version of Mac OSX is already on the Apple App store and available for download now for just 128 Yuan which is roughly $20 (£13 to our UK readers).

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Mac OSX Mountain Lion for China

What makes OSX Mountain Lion especially exciting for me and Chinese users it Apple’s decision to integrate popular Chinese social media sharing sites in to the new Mac OS (that and the fact that I might get a fully functioning Mac when I install it once again!).

Some of the most exciting features of Mountain Lion for Chinese users include the an improved dictionary app which supports both standard and traditional Chinese along with a more accurate and overall improved input method, which I am certainly looking forward to giving a whirl.

Mountain Lion also integrates services from popular Chinese sites such as QQ, 163 and 126 for mail. Baidu is now a built in option for Safari, plus Apple have also built-in methods to share to Sina Weibo from some apps and options to share video on Youku and Tudou!

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In addition to the great Chinese app and service Mountain Lion also boasts some great improvements and features of OSX Lion such as Siri Dictation for typing, Gatekeeper to store all your passwords plus an all new iOS inspired messages application and notification center!

I’ll have a good play with Mountain Lion once it has finished downloading, which could be sometime as it is over 4GB!

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