Move Over Google Nexus 7 We Want the ONDA V711 Android Tablet

The tablet on everybody’s mind in the one grabbing all the headlines recently is Google’s Nexus 7 Jelly Bean tablet and while the Nexus 7 is a good tablet, we know of one which is better and costs only $95!

ONDA are quite a force to be recond with in the Chinese tablet industry as they are known for their high spec, high quality yet low-cost Android tablets which make even the best big brand model pale in comparison!

The ONDA V711 is no different, and for Google the release of this 7 inch Chinese tablet couldn’t be any worse.

While many in the media are ‘wowing’ the Google Nexus 7 for its high specification and low-cost, around $200, I certainly believe the same reports wouldn’t be so rose-tinted if they had gotten wind for the ONDA V711’s price and hardware!

ONDA have given their 7-inch Nexus 7 competitor an IPS screen with a 1024 x 600 resolution, they have also managed to cram in a dual-core AMLogic AML8726-MX cortex A9 processor along with 1GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB of on board storage. Like the Nexus 7 the ONDA only has a front camera, but we really don’t see the need of a rear camera on a tablet anyway.

It’s obvious from the specs that the Nexus 7 will be more powerful thanks to its quad-core tegra 3 chip, however it should be as it costs more than double the $95 asking price for the ONDA V711!

So while Google may think they have the low-cost Android tablet market sewn up, they might want to look again now ONDA are on the scene (ONDA scene?!).

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