JiaYu G3 Confirmed To Get Gorilla Glass Could Also Get Jelly Bean!

Sorry guys there is still no confirmed release date for the JiaYu G3 Chinese phone, however we have been given a few details to keep our appetites wet!

The latest news from JiaYu, yes this is official news! is that the JiaYu G3’s 4.5 inch display will enjoy the smash resistant benefit of Corning’s Gorilla Glass. Having Gorilla Glass on Chinese phone with such a large touch screen is great touch and one many would be JiaYu owners are likely to appreciate.

Also confirmed is that the G3 will get updated gyroscopic sensors for improved gaming functionality plus a better compass and GPS to help boost navigation capabilities.

As for the rest of the specifications they haven’t changed much since we posted them here, and yet it will get a full 1Gb of RAM.

It’s also been suggested that the JiaYu G3 could be one of the first Chinese phones to get the latest version of Android, which as you all know is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. While this is an unconfirmed detail, the delay in shipping the latest Jiayu phone could be due to the inclusion of the latest Google OS!

We’ll bring more details and the release dates as soon as we know them!


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