Another Knock-off iMac that wants to live in my office

Another Knock-off iMac that wants to live in my office


So you love Apple’s design but your not a fan of OSX after hearing all the bad things about OSX Lion. So what do you do? How about buy this knock-off iMac with Windows 7?

Of course you could always by a real iMac and run Windows on it, but that would cost an absolute fortune in comparison to this fake iMac from Shenzhen Zhiguang.

The exterior of this iMac alloy iMac wannabe is spot on and the only thing which gives it away as not being a real Mac is the lack of Apple logo on the front.

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Like the genuine all in one iMac’s this fake houses all the computer gubbins behind the LED screen which in this case means an Intel i3 Celeron G530 CPU, 4GB RAM, front facing camera, 500GB hard-drive, DVD drive plus a couple of USB ports, VGA out and HDMI out thrown in for good measure.


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  • Ash

    How much? My office requires one.

    • I’ve seen the smaller ones go for about 1800 Yuan Mr. Ash. This is a bit bigger poss 2500-3000 Yuan

  • Ash

    Not bad at all. I wonder what the quality is like.

  • AO

    Is this clone better than the last one you posted Andi?

    • Probably as good as.

  • Dan

    So how about making a review Andi ?

    • I’m in the process of securing a review machine. Fingers crossed!

  • Dan

    It would be good to see how the machine really looks like and functions, cause im planning to buy one too !

  • Jonathan W.

    I’d buy one, install Ubuntu on it, then stick a grayish Ubuntu Logo sticker on the back.

  • Andra

    is there any other links, I live in the UK and I don’t speak Chinese