Update: Next Generation Xiaomi Design Leaked By Certifications Ahead of Launch!

So after much speculation we finally get to see the all new next generation Xiaomi M2 and ahead of launch! Keep reading to see the all new Xiaomi M2 design


It appears that this design is not the quad-core M2 but instead the design for the new low-cost dual-core Xiaomi named the Xiaomi M1 s.

More details of the Xiaomi M1 s are available here: Xiaomi M1 S leaked!


We have already reported on various leaked designs for the Xiaomi M2. Designs ranging from the down right ugly, to the almost Meizu looking, but it seems those were just engineering prototypes as the new Xiaomi will look a lot less unique and a whole lot more boring.

Judging by the leaked specifications, and the performance of the quad-core Xiaomi M2 it looks like the Beijing based Chinese phone maker has sunk most of its budget in to creating a stable, high-perfomance phone at a wallet friendly price and rather than a kick-ass Xiaomi M2 design

According to this report over at Engadget there could actually be two new models of the Xiaomi 2nd generation phone. One being a quad-core Galaxy S3 slaying beast while the other being a dual-core Xiaomi M1 replacement (possible the Xiaomi M1 Plus).

It also seems that there will be 3 versions of the M2 codename “2012051” and “2012052” which both get a  WCDMA radios and “2012053” which will sport both CDMA2000/WCDMA dual radio.

Source: Engadget via Techinasia

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