Xiaomi Mi2 Specifications Leaked!

There are a couple of Chinese phones which are making us giddy with anticipation and the new Xiaomi phone is one of them, and with specifications like these it’s easy to see how this Chinese phone is going to be a Samsung Galaxy S3 beater!

Beijing based Chinese phone company, Xiaomi, will soon be celebrating their year anniversary for the Xiaomi M1 Android phone and the MIUI rom, and it’s on this anniversary (16th August 2012) when we expect the next generation quad-core Xiaomi Mi2 to launch.

Leaked specifications and features of the Xiaomi M2 have been all over the net for the past few days, with leaked images of the packaging, photos and even rumored benchmarks all slipping on to the web, and we’ve even had some hint at the specifications too, but nothing so detailed as the information we now have.


Xiaomi Mi2 Specifications Leaked

According to our sources the Xiaomi M2 will be on sale very soon for 2499 Yuan which is just a few dollars shy of $400.


xiaomi mi2 vs samsung galaxy s3 benchmarksXiaomi M2 performance

As we already know and the M2 will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8064 processor which, according to new reports is capable of running at 2.5ghz! It is likely that Xiaomi will launch the M2 running at something closer to 1.5ghz and will likely up the speed with software updates while also optimizing battery life.

Our new source also claims that the new Xiaomi phone will get 1.5Gb RAM, which goes against everything else we have heard, but also makes more scense considering the speed for the chip.


Xiaomi M2 Screen

After posting the rumored Xiaomi M2 benchmarks here, some readers pointed out that one possibility for the faster performance could be due to a lower res screen. According to reports the new Xiaomi will get a 4.5inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280 x 720, which is personally more than enough for me.

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leaked xiaomi mi2 photosXiaomi M2 Cameras

The original Xiaomi M1 surprised the world in 2011 when it became the first dual-core Chinese phone with an 8 mega-pixel camera. For 2012 Xiaomi are planning to shock us again with the M2 as it will be the first quad-core Chinese phone with a 12 mega-pixel rear camera! What’s more this next generation Chinese phone will also sport a front 5 mega-pixel camera!

The M2 is also rumored to have a dedicated shutter button for the cameras as shown here in this leaked photo of the Xiaomi M2.

xiaomi m1 android jelly bean updateXiaomi M2 OS

While we have had rumors suggesting the Xiaomi Mi2 could run Windows 8 or even be a dual-boot Windows/Android phone, it seems the M2 will still be Android only , and will ship with Android 4.0 Ice-cream Sandwich. We are likely to be treated to the most up to date version of ICS with the latest MIUI V4 ROM also, with an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update coming in later months.


Xiaomi M2 Battery

The battery department is where a lot of people are worrying. With all these great functions on tap what size battery will the M2 have? Weve heard worrying small 1700mAh batteries could be used, however our source suggests a 1930mAh battery will be used, which with new Qualcomm CPU should see the Xiaomi M2 last a from morning till night on a single charge.


GPS Navigation with voice Recognition?

Our source also suggested that Xiaomi could be getting their own Siri competitor and stated the new M2 will feature world navigation with voice feedback and recognition! This alone is a killer feature one which I could surely make use of!


buy xiaomi m2 android smartphone 2.5 ghz android phone chinaXiaomi M2 Specifications at a glance

*Android 4.0 ICS OS
*IPS Touch Screen, 1280*720 pixels
*4.5 inch Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen
*GPS with voice navigation
*Quad band – works worldwide
*WCDMA 3G network
*Dual cameras, 5MP front camera,12MP back camera
*High capacity Li-ion battery – 1930mAh

What do you guys think of these specs? Will the Xiaomi M2 be the phone to catapult the Chinese phone maker in to the international market or are they trying to cram too much in to low of a price point?

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  1. Francis.R.
    August 6, 2012

    Ok. It’s official, i think it could be an amazing machine. Thx Andy 4 the data.
    With these new cellphones coming out 2012 is anticipating a 2013 year with a boom in chinese (mainland) companies across the world, except perhaps the countries where the people tends 2 use just locked cell phones with operators instead buy new ones unlocked as in my country. Reason cause it is more affordable buy them right now.

  2. Dan
    August 6, 2012

    Only thing is these manufacturers need to step up on the cellular data connectivity to Hsp(d)a+. Or do the two connections really make a difference?