iPhone 5 size vs Galaxy S3 vs Oppo Finder 3 vs iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 5 will finally be unveiled on the 12th September and it’s going to be really interesting what Tim Cook and Co are going to pull out of the bag to surprise us as we all know pretty much everything abou the new Apple phone, but just to be sure his a size comparison of the new iPhone 5 with the S3, iPhone 4S and Oppo Finder 3.

With just knowing the specs of the new iPhone 5 (it is said to have a 4 inch screen didn’t you know!) we can all know that the new iPhone 5 is going to be bigger than the iPhone 4S but still pretty small compared the majority of current Android phones.

 iphone 5 vs oppo finder 3

As you can see between the iPhone 4S, Oppo Finder 3 and Galaxy S3 the new iPhone is only the 3rd largest phone in the pack, and it looks pretty small!

iphone 5 vs oppo finder 3 chinese phones

Another interesting point is that although the iPhone 5 is the newest phone on the block, it still isn’t as thin as the near year old Chinese made Oppo Finder 3 which measures in at a wafer thin 6.65mm (and it can still manage to knock nails in to wood without a scratch).

Detailed size comparisons can be seen in the table below:

[table id=1 /]


iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Oppo Finder 3 vs. iPhone 4S photos

What do you guy’s think? is the iPhone 5 big enough? Or is it still not large enough to sway you from your big screen Android devices?

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Photos and measurement via PConline!

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