World’s Thinnest Phone Is Strong Enough To Knock Nails in to Wood!

World’s Thinnest Phone Is Strong Enough To Knock Nails in to Wood!


I’ve seen a few video’s demonstrating the strength of various phones. From using the Meizu MX as a bottle opener to skimming smartphones across a lake (video soon), but this is the first time I’ve seen one used as a hammer!

The phone in the video is the Oppo Finder, a great looking phone which has a few things currently going for it;

  • It is by far the most stylish Android phone on the market.
  • It is the world’s thinnest phone measuring just 6.65mm.
  • It can hammer nails in to a plank of wood!


Watch the world’s thinnest Android phone used as a hammer!


I have no idea why someone would feel the need to try to hammer nails in to wood using their smart phone, but at least we now know which phone you should choose should the opportunity arise!

As the Oppo Finder, the world’s thinnest phone is capable of a bit of DIY, we can only imagine the damage the CarPad Note 5 F6 is capable of with its huge 6 inch screen!

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  • Want to see the thinnest smartphone in the world hammer nails into a board of wood? Course you do.

  • If this Android 4.0 smartphone ever “bricks” on you, at least you can still use it as a Hammer

  • Iv’e always wanted my iPhone to do this when i needed a hammer. Let’s go Apple!

  • World’s Thinnest Phone Is Strong Enough To Knock Nails in to Wood!

  • Carpentry? There is, apparently, an app for that…

  • Le

    Where can we source this little beauty?

    • Well Android-sale sell them although their price is a little on the high side! Try the Oppo site they sell them there for 2500 Yuan

  • World’s Thinnest Phone uese To Knock Nails in to Wood!

  • bet your iPhone can’t do this!

    • Bet it can, but will look like tiny pieces of iPhone when I’m finished 😉

  • reader

    that’s what you called a real Smartphone! One that can truly multi-task. Only worry is whether it contains anything toxic to human or poses any other threats to users….

    • XrainX

      No, man, this is a hammerphone.