Is this the next generation Meizu M040 Android phone from China?

Is this the next generation Meizu M040 Android phone from China?


Earlier today we posted these impressive benchmarks from an all new concept Meizu phone known as the Meizu M040, and now we have these awesome Meizu M040 concepts to contemplate!

When we posted news of the leaked Meizu M040’s amazing performance and Antutu scores we posted that the new Meizu phone could end  up becoming a Chinese rival to the very popular Samsung Galaxy Note due to the similar screen resolution.

concept meizu M040 designs

Now after seeing these rather gorgeous Meizu M040 concept design’s I personally don’t think Samsung have a chance!

The designs show a phone which appears to be a world apart from the current dual and quad-core Meizu Mx Android phones which the company currently produce and seems to show an all alloy phone with a rather large screen which runs from edge to edge with very little bezel to the sides.

leaked meizu m040 android phone concepts

The Meizu M040 concepts also indicate a side mounted external speaker will be present and the rear camera will boast dual LED flash positioned either side of the lens. From the top we can see what looks to be a micro sim card tray and also the 3.5mm  headphone jack.

While we are uncertain as to if these concepts represent the real next generation Meizu phone or not these designs along with those lighting fast benchmark results have rekindled my interest in the Zhuhai based Android phone maker!

Image source thanks to teja.srch for the tip!

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  • Mohsin

    Hmmm the design looks like a concept design only, the the edge to edge screen looks too good to be true.

  • Fel

    well design-wise awesome but Meizu will never really find its place in many peoples heart since their OS is a freaking joke and flyme a pure nightmare to work with as its basically working against the google biosys. i cant update mx and m9 the way it was intended by google. furthermore the constant release of highly dubious updates… never ever again. too often the fon didnt react or switched off just for fun..

    • @Fel I agree they need to stop testing their OS out on their customers!

  • carlos

    I think that the new iPhone that will be shown in just one hour and 14 minutes will have similar shape, screen from edge to edge.

  • evandro

    Andi, do you know something about ZTE U985 quad core?

  • Ryan B.

    Andi. I love the fact that you are going “against the grain” in terms of what you cover and that there are better and a lot of phones contrary to what gets covered usually….ie samsung HTC, apple etc. but what I really think you could do that can really make a big difference is maybe “just my opinion” is make a list or maybe particulary cover phones that are made in china, and are from chinese makers that will work on USA 3g networks such as ATT or T-mobile. and if they work on both then mention that as well. I Remember contacting you about it in the past but I think that it will BOOST your website even more.

  • Owen

    I think the design is much better than current iphone 5.
    iphone 5 is boring.

    • @Owen I agree it looks fantastic. I wonder what the real thing will be like though?

  • Randy Fabros

    Kinda reminds me of the Pantech Vega S5 im-840S which also has a tiny bezel……. but this one looks a lot more slick……

  • Boniface Mbaria

    How come I dont see reviews on ZTE android phones …like the Grand X…

    • @Boniface Mbaria I don’t know why but ZTE have never wowed me enough for me to write about them.

  • Great design!!! I love it!!!

    But… I don’t like phone very big :/ 4′ is the prefect size (for me)

  • Shaun

    The concept design of this phone is stellar! The downside of Meizu phones is that they are pricey and FlyME isn’t that popular. I am more excited for the Xiaomi Mi-2, but currently Xiaomi Corp is making it impossible to get =\ . If Meizu would lower their prices and reconsider OS, this would be an awesome phone!