UMi X1 second round pre-orders begin 20th September!

The UMi X1 has grabbed many people’s attention as this Chinese phone boasts basically the same specification as the (delayed again) JiaYu G3 MT6577 4.5 inch phone, only in a much thinner package. Best of all the second round of pre-orders is just 7 days away!

The first lot of 1000 UMi X1 phones sold out in a few hours on September 10th at the special low retail price of just 899 Yuan. The second lot of 20,000 UMi X1 phones will be available for pre-order on 2oth September for the slightly higher price of 1099 Yuan ($173).

Like the JiaYu G3 the UMi X1 gets a dual-core MT6577 CPU, 1GB RAM, 4.5 inch screen and a rear 8 mega-pixel camera. It is also a lot thinner than the JiaYu G3, but due to this get’s a smaller 1750 mAh battery rather than a 2700 mAh unit.

While the UMi X1 is now slightly more expensive that the JiaYu G3 it is still a pretty amazing looking phone for the money and with the same hardware is likely to perform just as well as the G3. But you will need more trips to the charger is you a big gamer.

The best thing about the UMi X1 however is that fact that this lesser known high performance phone is currently being manufactured and seems to be cleared for sale in China meaning that we are more likely to get hold of the UMi X1 than the G3 which has been delayed till 1st October (which incidentally is the start of a week-long national holiday in China so….)

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