World’s Thinnest 6.55mm Android phone Vivo X1 to have wireless charger?

World’s Thinnest 6.55mm Android phone Vivo X1 to have wireless charger?


So we already know that the Vivo X1 will be the world’s thinnest smartphone went it launches next month, but what we didn’t know it that it could also be the first Chinese phone to feature wireless charging!

The Vivo X1 is a stunning looking phone! It manages to pack a dual-core MT6577 CPU, 8 mega-pixel rear camera, and large 4.7 inch screen in to a wafer thin 6.55 mm body and now it looks like it might have another trick up its sleeve!

According to these concept drawings of the Vivo X1, this world-beating Chinese phone may well also turn out to be one of the first phones to come with wireless charging!

We don’t know if this is an idea that has since be dropped or one that has made it to the production stage, but having a wireless charger would surely help reduce space which may be how Viv0’s engineers have managed to make the X1 so thin!

What do you guy’s think about the idea of wireless charging? Useful feature or marketing gimmick?

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  • Joco1114

    Wireless charging? O_o
    Never heard about it!

    • kethan

      Galaxy s3 also have wireless charging man..

      • Joco1114

        For SGS3 has inductive charging with very low efficiency and waste heat. 🙁
        Accordingly wireless charging = inductive charging… I see now.

  • paralityk

    Wireless charger actually takes up more space :]

    • derpington

      Ya but it’s good for lazy fucks like me who just want to leave their shit phone there

  • NodigFokForum

    I guess the battery capicity of the phone itself is low with 6,5mm thickness.

  • Anywho

    You still need a place to connect it to download/upload data, no? I don’t see how space is saved this way.

    • Maybe it’s only Wi-fi and Bluetooth transfer?