Turn your TV in to a smart TV with the new dual-core Android on a stick!

Android on a stick devices which can turn your regular TV in to a ‘smart-TV’ with Android OS have been around for a while now, however this if the first time we a dual-core model has been produced which can support 3D video and at such a low price!

Sold by 3D2 Electronics this new breed of HDMI Android on a stick boasts a much more attractive design than previous models, better performance and a new low retail price!

At the heart of the unit there is a dual-core 1.5Ghz Rockchips CPU, which is a great choice of this type of device as Rockchips are known for their excellent video and streaming capabilities.

dual-core hdmi android on a stickTo keep gaming performance at an optimum there is 1GB RAM on board along with a Mali 400 GPU, and as this dual-core Android on a stick runs Android ICS 4.0 you don’t need to worry about app compatibility issues.

Attaching the Android on a stick to your TV is a HDMI port then there is built-in Wi-fi for internet access along with a USB port which a keyboard or mouse can be plugged in. However, if you are looking for a truly wireless experience you will be happy to know that an ‘air-mouse’ comes with the device for gaming other controls.

Pricing for the dual-core Android on a stick will start at around $70 with additional controllers costing about $25 each.

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