AONOS A1-330 is a complete Android on a stick mini PC for...

AONOS A1-330 is a complete Android on a stick mini PC for your TV!


Android on a stick mini PC systems have really taken off in Shenzhen. These small USB dongle sized devices can plut in to your TV to create a mini entertainment system, however the AONOS A1-330 goes one step further to offer a complete mini PC set up!

While most Android on a stick systems, or Android set top boxes, come with ports for wired keyboards and mice, or offer a simple ‘TV remote’ type interface, Shenzhen based AONOS offer a complete wireless keyboard with their A1-330.

According to AONOS their mini Android PC comes with a choice of either 1GB or 512MB RAM, 4-16GB memory, Android 4.0, micro SD card reader, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, HDMI output, and is capate of decoding 2160P video.

Along with the USB Android on a stick dongle a wireless keyboard comes in the box which features 2.4Ghz wireless technology to communicate with the USB and a whole host of control options including a trackball, scroll wheel and shoulder buttons.

aonos a1-330 android on a stick mini pc

While prices haven’t been mentioned it is likely the AONOS A1-330 with keyboard will sell for around $100 as a complete set, making this a great alternative to a cheap media PC or even as a replacement games console for the casual gamer!

For more details of AONOS products head over to their website here.



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  • Mike

    Glad You posted this I was just about to buy an mk808 on Amazon today. Where can we buy these I’d love to review one. Problem is the mk808 has rooftop wondering how well it will perform.

  • Sam Lim

    Had buy a set of MeLe Smart TV androidTV player ICS – A2000,it a good set my daugther like it. Hope to try out the new product.