AONOS A1-330 is a complete Android on a stick mini PC for your TV!

Android on a stick mini PC systems have really taken off in Shenzhen. These small USB dongle sized devices can plut in to your TV to create a mini entertainment system, however the AONOS A1-330 goes one step further to offer a complete mini PC set up!

While most Android on a stick systems, or Android set top boxes, come with ports for wired keyboards and mice, or offer a simple ‘TV remote’ type interface, Shenzhen based AONOS offer a complete wireless keyboard with their A1-330.

According to AONOS their mini Android PC comes with a choice of either 1GB or 512MB RAM, 4-16GB memory, Android 4.0, micro SD card reader, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, HDMI output, and is capate of decoding 2160P video.

Along with the USB Android on a stick dongle a wireless keyboard comes in the box which features 2.4Ghz wireless technology to communicate with the USB and a whole host of control options including a trackball, scroll wheel and shoulder buttons.

aonos a1-330 android on a stick mini pc

While prices haven’t been mentioned it is likely the AONOS A1-330 with keyboard will sell for around $100 as a complete set, making this a great alternative to a cheap media PC or even as a replacement games console for the casual gamer!

For more details of AONOS products head over to their website here.



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