Quad-core Newman N2 Hands on video!

Quad-core Newman N2 Hands on video!


The Newman N2 is one hell of a Chinese phone which offers’ high-end flagship performance at a low price of just $240! Keep reading for full specifications and hands on gaming video!

Newman only entered the Chinese phone market this year with their dual-core Newman N1 which took the market by storm, since the N1’s launch Newman have been hard at work developing the Newman N2 which look set to follow in its older brothers footsteps.

The N2 offers a very impressive spec for the low price of just $240. In fact it is hard for me to look at any one component Choice Newman has made for the N2 and not be impressed.

A Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core 1.4GHz CPU and 1GB RAM take care of performance, while a 4.7 inch 1280 x 720 display with Gorilla glass protection handles the visuals. Then there is a 13 mega-pixel rear camera with a F2.2 aperature and 1080p video capture, 2MP front camera and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean making up the rest!


Newman N2 hands on gaming video



The Newman N2 should be on sale before the start of December which means a lucky few of you might be able to get one in time for Christmas, as long as they produce enough stock to satisfy the likely high demand!

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  • andres lines

    that is a great phone with amazing spec!! this phone is my ideal phone:
    cheap, gorilla glass, great processor, big screen, 1gm ram
    i hope this is not (another) news like the jiayu g3 and released on february or later…
    sold my zopo zp200, I decided to get the G3 but the jiayu g3 was a big wast of time on it… waiting for nothing :S
    the next page says…I was waiting for the jiayu g3, but exceeded my patience, I decided to buyt the AMOI N820 last saturday (also the seller already have in stock the jiayu g3 black version), i got my shipping tracking number, so in 20/30 days I will get my phone, finally 😀

    • hidroman

      Please keep in touch because i have been considering to buy the same device 🙂

  • sickgrinder

    Good god! I got a N1 and am still impressed by it, very high quality and does not feel cheap in anyway.

    I will be keeping an eye on this one.

  • Sam

    Will this one work in North America 😕

  • Sam

    Sorry didn’t mean to put that smiley.

  • Rob

    Does it have dual sim?

  • Paul

    @Andi irrelevant but, you think you can do some snooping around another quad phone the kungfu k3?

  • teow

    hi andi
    just for your info it’s out of stock @ fastcardtech. would you know of any other sites i can get hold of? thanks.

  • Diqiu-Long

    I heard the first batch is only going be 1000 N2’s and after that it will take until next year may when they start production.

    Personally I rather go with Huawei which got more reputation then this brand, also I prefer 2GB of Ram.

  • joe

    Why would you possibly need 2gb of ram? Are you gonna run hundreds of apps and 5 games at once? 2gb of ram is completely unnecessary just like a 1080p screen you won’t ever see the difference so why pay extra for it?

    • Diqiu-Long

      Ha 2GB off Ram its not unnecessary at all, more Ram is always, I mean before on PC you also just had 1GB off Ram and I still remember the time that when I just had 256MB ram.

      2GB off Ram is more future proof that is all.

      • thesniper321

        A pc has nothing to do with a phone you won’t EVER need 2 go of RAM on a phone, it’s a total waste of money, just like the hd or full hd screen (on screen smaller than 5″? You can’t be serious) Those are gimmicks to cater to the “my phone got this even if it’s useless” people.

        • anedam

          agreed 100%.

        • Paul

          That’s actually funny. Back in the 90’s that’s what everyone was saying about pc oh you’ll never need that certain need that type of memory for either harddrive or ram, even the “tech experts” (specialized opinionated people) look who was proven wrong. We may not necessarily need it but sooner or later the apps is going to eat those memory like it was nothing, It’s actually a law “Moore’s Law”. Until that law is proven false, it can’t be stopped.

          • Zopper

            but show me at least 1 game on android platform, that need more 1 Gb of ram (Laggy gameloft games are not in count), angry birds works fine with 256 mb of ram

  • Felipe Fajardo

    I bought Newman N2. Now I’m waiting to arrive.

  • robert wise

    I think it was back in 1990 or there abouts, my old man had an XT computer with 2 x 5 1/4 drives and wanted an internal HD. Talking to the tech “expert” he said “here’s a 20 meg hard drive, trust me, you’ll never fill it.” So 2gig ram might seem excessive at the moment, but to say a phone will NEVER need 2gig ram is a ridiculous and short sighted thing to say.