Mystery Lenovo MT6589 Quad-core benchmarks leaked!

Mystery Lenovo MT6589 Quad-core benchmarks leaked!


According to reports on Chinese tech sites MediaTek are preparing to launch the next generation quad-core MT6589 CPU on the 11th December, but you don’t need to wait until then to see how this low-cost quad-core performs as we have leaked benchmarks here.

MediaTek will be launching its new quad-core MT6589 platform on the 11th December and already has the likes of Oppo, Lenovo, TCL, Coolpad BBK, ZTE, Huawei and more signing up to launch low-cost quad-core phones.

Luckily we don’t need to wait until December to find out just how well these quad-core MT6589 phones will perform though as one helpful insider has leaked Antutu benchmarks for a mystery Lenovo phone.

According to the leaked screenshots this quad-core prototype Lenovo phone has an MT6589 CPU clocked at 1.2Ghz, 1GB RAM, built-in PowerVR SGX 544 and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean which work together to achieve and impressive 9866 AnTutu score.

We don’t really know when this prototype will go on sale or how much it will cost but judging by the 8 mega-pixel camera and 960 x 540 display we can guess that this quad-core phone will be quite an affordable phone.


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  • Ahmadcentral

    Nice, can’t wait to see the pricing structure with these phones.

    One thing i’d really like to see is a low cost competitor for the Nexus 4. Something with MTK6589 processor, 2GB ram, 1280×720 res, 8mp camera and micro sd card and removable battery for a lower cost than nexus 4. I’d buy it straight away.

    • Well, there’s a thought ….

      What about a deal between HUAWEI and Google for the first 6 inch (6.1 inch) smartphone/tablet Ascend Mate Nexus ?

      Including 4G/3G, a 16MB micro SD card slot and TWIN SIM card slots – all with Android 4.2 … and all that for Christmas !!!

      NICE !

    • thesniper321

      Hu no thanks, too many useless features, 2go ram? What for ? Play 4 games on the same screen while browsing the navigator, having 200 application running in the background and looking at 3 videos all in the same time?? NOOO You can keep that 2go ram gimmick1 go is more than enough.

      1280×720??? You need 30″ tv and sit 2 steps away from the screen to actually see that 720p is better than 540p, can someone tell me what is that 720p resolution on such SMALL screen for?? NOOOO keep that 720p gimmick 540P is excellent.

      quad core, 1go ram, 540p price around 150-200 dollars…….. PERFECT.

      Now if you’re ready to pay more for useless tricks , do as you wish

      • Zeceri

        Ok, you might think these are so called gimmicks but if you can have them for the same price, why not 🙂

        You should remember that the first computers had 16kb of RAM, which was plenty at the time and look at us now, 8 Gb is getting main stream in the home computers. More RAM is always better as apps/OS will get heavier.

        Better resolution is always better, you might not see the difference but other people do.

      • uc oddo

        I agree but you forgot battery: since I found a 2800mah one, that`s gonna be the minimum

  • Good morning,

    Today’s news tells us that Android shipments in – and from – China represent over 90% of China’s smartphone/tablet deliveries.

    Additionally … the Chinese HUAWEI company; reportedly, the planet’s 2nd largest supplier of telecoms infrastructure, are within a few weeks of launching their ‘Ascend Mate’ – a 6.1 inch smartphone/tablet – apparently offering the latest variant of Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

    Now we learn that reports on Chinese tech sites suggest that MediaTek are preparing to launch the next generation quad-core MT6589 CPU, supporting 4G comms, on the 11th December !

    These trends suggest that Christmas 2012 will be VERY INTERESTING.

    My guess is that the smartphone/tablet ‘price:performance’ curves are in for some seismic changes over the New Year !!

  • Aleksen

    Does the MTK6589 support USB Host (OTG) function finally?

    Thanks in advance.