Meizu MX2 prices leaked! Start lower than expected!

The Meizu MX2 will be unveiled later this month at the Watercube in Beijing, but after all the leaks and details we have already learned about the quad-core MX2 I’m not entirely sure Jack Wong and Co. will have any surprises for us!

The latest leaks concerning the 4.4 inch, 1.6Ghz quad-core Meizu suggest that prices will start slightly lower than expected. We originally heard details that the MX2 would start at a rather high 2999 Yuan ($480) retails price, however news today suggest this is the price of the 32GB model.

A cheaper 16GB Meizu MX2 is expected to be announced too on November 27th which will feature the same 1280 x 800 resolution screen, quad-core Samsung CPU and 8 mega-pixel camera but will cost significantly less at only 2599 Yuan ($416).

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As well as the pricing details the above alleged leaked photo of the MX2 has appeared also. Though I’m not sure its the real thing I’m pretty certain it gives us a good idea of what the new Meizu will look like.

Leaked photos of the Meizu MX2 show on screen buttons

The only detail which hasn’t been leaked before the Mx2’s launch is what version of Android it will ship with (however it is likely to get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean).

More Meizu MX2 news as we get it!

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  1. swampy
    November 16, 2012

    Very expensive compared with the Newman N2…

  2. plikmuny
    November 16, 2012

    i prefer Newman N2 for sure….
    this is too expensive….

  3. inkflow
    November 16, 2012

    Phone manufacturers must understand that now when Nexus 4 is out the ceiling price for smart phones is about $300.

    It is possible to ask more than $300 only for a phone with 5″+ very high end screen (as well as the rest of the components).

    Meizu must understand that at above $400 this phone sales figures won’t be exceedingly positive…

    • njren
      November 17, 2012

      Not really…Meizu can charge whatever they want. Different strategy, different business model. Google wants to push their OS into as many hands as possible and uses China for low-cost, high-efficiency manufacturing. Meizu is trying to build a market inside China and grow organically by doing it all themselves…no reliance on OEMs, no shareholders to please. You buy into that philosophy or not…fortunately we all have that choice.

      It’s worth remembering that if you do buy into that ideal, Meizu tends to reward that loyalty by allowing customers to trade in their old phones for credit on the latest device. So far, it’s been after two product cycles, so if the trend holds true, M9 owners will qualify this time around.

      And by the way, that’s pretty wide open speculation on the price. Any reliable source to back it up? PCOnline listed the MX2 in the database at 2599 but did not list the capacity. Absolutely the MX2 is going to be at the higher end, but who really knows…2999 might be a 64GB version.