The Lavi S21i is the Windows 8 iMac clone you have been...

The Lavi S21i is the Windows 8 iMac clone you have been waiting for!


We’ve all seen iMac clones before, but this latest machine from Chinese brand Lavi manages to mimic the most up to date iMac clone available, comes with Windows 8 and costs just a fraction of the price!

The Lavi S21i measures in at 21.5 inches and like the real 21.5 inch iMac clone it features a 1920 x 1080 resolution display, but also throws in the option of a super fast SSD!

Unlike a real iMac the Lavi S21i iMac clone comes pre loaded with Windows 8 OS, 4GB RAM, Intel HD 2000, 4 USB and weighs in at just 4.5kg!

As you can see from the photos here the Lavi iMac clone has adopted the latest iMac design complete with super thin edges.

lavi s21i imac clone china

Prices start at a very wallet friendly $545 rising for extra ram and an SSD hard drive.

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  • leo

    Windows 8 sucks and imac sucks

    • Brianna

      And? You can always run a different OS on it if you wanted to.

    • You shouldn’t buy an Windows 8 iMac clone then 😉

  • Jerry

    Please post link for shop

    • RJulyanto

      Share it if you have one. Don’t mind trying it here. Thanx

  • Amélie

    Did anyone order/try it yet?
    Wondering about the quality (but drooling).

  • JC

    This with (Hackintosh) Mac OS X on would be amazing!

  • Bridgette

    Can anyone confirm if this is a good candidate for Hackintosh? With it looking so much alike I’m really baffled why no one has information about this. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I knew for sure I could toss a os x disc in and it would run.

    ….if it will only run windows it’s less than worthless to me. I’d pay to get rid of the junk.

  • Maci

    Where can you order them? I can’t find anything else on it. Just more reviews, but no trusted sites to purchase.

  • Richard

    If someone tells me where to buy them I’ll see how easy it is to get a fully working hackintosh installation on one of these beauts.

  • Omid Doostmohammadi

    where can i buy this ?