Patents suggest Meizu MX2 will get new method of unlocking

Meizu are hoping to change the way we unlock our smartphone lock screens with an all new system of sensors built-in to the ‘chin’ of our devices rather than using on-screen gestures.

Most current smartphones use a screen based swipe or slide to unlock the screen, but Meizu’s new patent suggests using a touch sensitive body to unlock the screen and possibly for use in other ways.

What is most interesting is that the patent has been discovered  just days ahead of the Meizu MX2’s launch at the Beijing Watercube. From most of the leaked photos and components of the Meizu MX2 we can see that it appears Meizu have done away with the physical home buttons to create a very clean and simplistic front.

Could it be the MX2 is hiding a new array of sensors below its clean exterior which will take the place of the various functions such as unlock, home, back,  and option keys?

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