Oppo Find 5 screen resolution confirmed at 1920 x 1080 could also...

Oppo Find 5 screen resolution confirmed at 1920 x 1080 could also get 16MP camera!


The Oppo Find 5 is one of the most anticipated Chinese phones of the year thanks to it’s high specification coupled with it stunning design. Today Oppo released a video confirming the Oppo Find 5 1920 x 1080 resolution along with other details.

The video mainly focusses on the development of the mobile phone screen over the past 30 years, starting with the basic yuppy phones to the upcoming 5 inch 1080p 1920 x 1080 resolution display which boasts 441ppi!

Along with details of the screen the promotional video also hints at a possible 16 mega-pixel rear camera!

The Oppo Find 5 is expected to launch on the 12 December and is expected to have a Qualcomm S4 quad-core CPU, 2GB RAM and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS.


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  • Emanuel

    Hey Andi,
    Mind pointing out a good e-seller to buy this from?
    was thinking of Android-Sale or fastcardtech

    • Android Fanatic

      Last time I bought from fastcard it was a clone of a clone, so I recommend android-sale , I had seen a coupon code that gave a free case I think the coupon is “anexonel”.
      Thanks for infos andi!

  • abdulhadi

    this is the number of color in the screen
    it have 16000000 million color
    thats all

  • sam


    • Nope not from Oppo it won’t be.

  • peterp

    Where do you get the 16 mp camera from. The video says 16 million colours not pixels. Cant remember from the top of my head but the cpu has an upper limit which i also thouggt was less ?

  • padokter

    I think the price tag will be way over Samsung S3…will it?

  • robredz

    I really want one of these, You can pull one of these out and make the Samsung S3 users jealous, it really looks the business with the hardware spec to back it up.

  • Viktor

    The video is indeed only referring to 16M colours.

    A 16MP camera is not even practical, unless the whole sensor area is increased by three-four times.
    The usual problem of fracturing the sensor into even smaller pixels means the light sensitivity is getting worse and the picture is more noisy than ever.

  • AG

    I am enamored by the looks of this phone. Its beautiful…

  • keith

    hey andi why did you you post a picture of the old oppo when you know the real oppo find 5 doesnt even look like that

    • Good question…..

  • David

    Andi, do you know if the phone still supports an SD-card? If not, what are the internal memory options?

    • No idea sorry

  • Gerard

    Hi Andi,
    I’ve read your post that Oppo Find 5 will be launched on December 12. When do you think the phone will hit the stores in Mainland China?

    • Possibly a week or 2 later

  • wijaya

    I love boderless design…. 🙂