Updates coming to JiaYu G3, G2S JiaYu G4 MT6589 quad-core confirmed!

Updates coming to JiaYu G3, G2S JiaYu G4 MT6589 quad-core confirmed!


JiaYu seems to have been using their time out of the spotlight constructivley and today announced a few exciting updates for current phones the JiaYu G3 and G2S along with specification details for the JiaYu G4!

JiaYu G3

First up is an update for the JiaYu G3 from it’s current Android ICS 4.0 ROM to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. JiaYu haven’t given us a specific launch date or time frame (which is wise of them), but they assure us that the G3 will get JB soon.

There will also be an updated version of the JiaYu G3 launched too called the JiaYu G3TD which will also recieve Jelly Bean along with an improved rear camera.

JiaYu G2S

jiayu g2s specifications

The JiaYu G2s is currently going in to full production and will launch in January according to sources. The G2s offers almost the same hardware (and 4.1 Jelly Bean) as the G3, but with a smaller 4 inch display and a lower 799 price tag.

JiaYu G4

The big news is the details for the upcoming JiaYu G4 which will become the top of the range JiaYu phone when it arrives between April or May next year. Sources say the G4 is already in testing and is using Mediatek’s new MT6589 CPU, and will get a larger 4.7 inch display along with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Prices are expected to be around 1200 Yuan ($200)

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  • abirjin

    jaiyu g4 in may-june, bah the way jiayu lives up to its timelines might as well add in a 6-7 month delay and if the processor is in high demand add in another 1-2 months as well

  • Ahmadcentral

    Cant wait for the Jiayu G4 to launch in June 2016…!!!

    (I got this date by using Jiayu G3 timeline)

    • RobertNL

      The Jiayu g3 is fairly easy to get these days 😀

      Using a Taobao agent you could have it for about 180 dollar.

      Lets hope the G4 has some great looks.

      I wil move on to a 5” 1080P screen with quadcore in the comming months to come 😀 think i can handle the 5” screen after the step to 4.5” of the Jiayu.

      • Ahmadcentral

        I know, just making a overexagerated joke.

        I am also interested in the new wave of 5inch FHD phones coming out. Will wait for more info before considering buying one though.

      • teja

        can u guide me how to order from taobao , i tried its a big mess for me and closed with in 5 minutes . there displayed windows phone for half of market price, i don’t know whether they are used / furbished i tried for option where to order i failed to do , if possible just post the procedure to order .

        • Sam

          A jiayu G3 for 180$ would be my dream coming true!
          Please explain how this taobao-agent-thing works. 🙂

          • andres

            Finally today I have received my jiayu g3 for 205usd with 2 batteries, sillicon case, screen protector and a gift (microsd to usb reader) from aliexpress. It was a nice deal 🙂

            • Nice one! Enjoy it!

  • gnza

    No love for the MTK6577 G2 Classic? 🙁

    • Rodrigo De León

      MT6575/MT6577 need to die already, if ChiPhones are aiming to fully evolve…

  • JJMartinez

    Andi, What tablets do you recommend here in the states & or internationally are must haves at the moment?? Thanks

    • Ahmadcentral

      Ainol Novo Hero for $180 + Shipping for a 10″ tablet
      Ainol Novo Fire for $140 + Shipping for a 7″ tablet.

      Or just get nexus 7.

      • chris

        Could you (or anyone) please tell me how long the battery lost (under wifi) ?
        Also is there any other tablets similar to this but cheaper ?
        Thank You very much 😀

    • sam

      I’m sure google will be releasing a new 7″ with tegra 4 next year, that will destroy the nexus 7 in cpu and gpu performance and also battery life.

      • nobitakun

        Then, there will be another Nexus which will destroy Tegra 4 LOL. Nvidia is going slow in the mobile market because it is not its market. It’s nice to have it anyways, but don’t expect the best from the mobile market in the hands of nvidia, just that.

  • Rehan

    I ordered my G3 the other week and its already been despatched. How would I update it though?

  • sam

    nice to see the g4 with mt6589 but i’d rather have a 4.0″ version and save some money. Can’t believe they are planning to launch with 4.1 in may, 4.2 has been out for months already, by then 5.0 will be released as Google I/O conference is in mid-may.

  • So bad for me. More than 4,5 is so big for me 🙁

  • Fernando

    I have been trying to find a JiaYU G3 but it is out of stock in several places. Even in Taobao, no one seems to be able get it for me.

    Any suggestions ?

    • Gio


    • Adrian

      Aliexpress. There are a few different sellers there many have G3 in stock now.

  • Clara

    Andi, how will the G3 update be administered? Is it like an automatic app update? Sorry if this is a stupid question.

    • Adrian

      There is an official Jiayu forum (use Google translate to get around it) where they post official ROM updates.You will need to register to be able to see the links. There is an application includedin the phone to start updating, once you have the ROM in your phone.There are no OTA updates!.
      There are a few other forums (one in German one in Russian) which get the ROMs available. As a note if you install CWM recovery (English one) you will not be able to use these ROMs directly , they will not load,will give you an error) but you can find on those forums modified ones which load via CWM. Be prepared to root again the phone and reinstall recovery after such an update. There are some unoficial ROMs available also which include recovery and root, if you feel like you want to play (search for Lewa).Be carefull if you install one of those, as the default after is Chinese, which is OK for official ROM (standard Android interface) but not for Highly customized ROMs like Lewa !Be sure you know how to get to language settings after flashing.

      • Clara

        Hi Adrian

        Wow – thanks so much for the information. Is there any chance you would be willing to put all of that into a step by step idiot’s guide?

  • Manira Chisti

    Thanks for best.

  • Коко

    Jiayu G4 with 4.7” quad core cpu , HD or FullHD screen and same design like G3 will be much much better choice.

  • G3

    I hope that JB will arrive quickly. Not naming a time frame probably means that it isn’t close enough to finished yet. I’m guessing on late December for the update because G2S also has JB and similar hardware.

  • Victor

    Anyone know how I can enter Engineer Mode Jiayu G3?

    • umit
    • Adrian

      Did you try Mobile Uncle ( install it from Play) ? It has an option in menu. Did not try (no need for it) and I think all is in Chinese once you get in there.

    • Vonotar

      but all is in chinese

  • a1g12

    hey andy..
    didnt you say that you are going to write about how to root Jiayu G3?? and what are the tools used??

  • tino96

    FullHD screen doesn’t necessarily mean 441ppi does it?

    • Adrian

      No, it depends of the size. A Full HD at 4.5″ or 4.7″ will be close to 500 ppi (I hope somebody makes one soon).

  • dews


  • Adrian

    They already released a few updates since September (first release) for Jiayu G3. I installed the last one (November 30), is much smoother than original one.Also the battery , in idle had improved dramaticaly.With September ROM was loosing 70% or more in 24 hours , so needs every day charging even if you hardly use it.With November 30 ROM it loses around 10 % in 24 h with minimal use (but WiFi is ON). So at least ONE WEEK between charges (again with minimal use, if you play a lot you still need charging).
    Waiting for JB ROM, this should improve performance also (which is not bad at all even with ICS).
    I have installled a 64 GB micro sd inside (needs FAT32 format,exFAT not supported), works great.Easy to root use the XDA method don’t need to play with MTK tools. There is an English CWM recovery also, (the original one in Chinese is hard to use if you don’t speak Chinese).
    Very nice phone , great screen great design (I like that SD is inside, and also the USB connector placement down the phone).

    A G4 would be great if they keep the general design but also if they use a Full HD (1920×1080) either 4.7 or 5″. I don’t see any reason to go to 4.7 keeping the same 720p resolution, 4.5″ is fine and the screen is crisp.

    I was looking at OPPO Finder 5 but NO SD is a deal killer for me. Also if you like to play with the phone, a removable battery is a must, if not you may have to cut the wires if you get stucked in some bad state.

    • techbuddy

      Adrian thanks for the info. Can we have the link where we can download the November 30 update?
      Thanks in advance.


      Hi Adrian! than U very much for all the info provided.

      Just a quick question…

      Where I exactly can get The last official updated ROM for my G3 which can be flashed via CWM?

      Thank U very much in advance!

    • Arya

      Hey, Adrian, I also updated the ROM to the end of November ROM from the mid-November ROM.

      I still find that the cell standby and phone useage is incredibly high – it accounts for 70% of my batter useage whereas the screen and voice calls account for 10% each.

      Are your results similar?

  • a1g12

    hello,i’ve received my jiayu g3 yesterday, but i have a problem.
    the speaker phone doesnt seem to work, there’s absolutely no sound coming from my device.
    the sound only work if the earphone is connected and i can only hear the sound via earphone.
    is there anyone having the same issue??
    is it hardware or software related??
    what should i do??

    • a1g12


      • Gio

        it’s probably a hardware issue.
        you could try and update it with the latest official ROM from the Jiayu website.

      • Riccardo

        I’ve got the same problem…absolutely no sound…I don’t know what to do

        • a1g12

          as Gio said, its hardware issue. So, i suggest u to contact your seller and ask for replacement as i did.

          • Riccardo

            Absolutely it’s NOT AN HARDWARE issue. I solved with the G3 20121129 rom update. Now audio has no problem.

          • a1g12

            wow, really..
            i’ve tried updating with the same ROM as you, and it still doesn’t work..
            so i finally ask for replacement with seller, and he approved it..

  • Smad

    Finally I got my Jiayu G3 after 3 months of hunting for a decent Chinese Dual Sim Phone under 200 USD.

    I am moving from iPhone (user since 2007) to this, I found it a decent phone. I am really impressed with the phone overall.

  • thesniper321

    So using jiayu timeline I guess january 2014 for 350 dollars…..and I’m serious

  • Felipe Fajardo

    Hi andy,

    I’m in doubt, I am Brazilian and I’m interested in a high quality mobile chines a price between $ 200 ~ $ 250. I saw several phones on AliExpress. I was in doubt between these two phones below.


    http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Pre-order-JIAYU-G3-4-5-QHD-IPS-5Point-Touch-Retina-Screen-Android-4-0-MTK6577/612840197.html << This phone has Gorilla Glass?

    But I was in doubt because that Huawei has representatives and technical assistance in Brazil but however I do not know who will get the update for Jelly Bean. The Jiayu G3 ma interested but I was in doubt about the quality because I never heard but your blog speaks highly of this mobile.

    Thank you!

  • Jayuu

    Did somebody already disassembled his G3? Because I have dust behind the front camera glass and i am searching a way to fix this.
    best regards

  • Putbinoot

    Just discovered it does not support HSDPA so no 3.5G, do any of the china phones support HSDPA.

    • clusterdavao

      Mine has a H when i am connected to the internet. I tweak the settings to have a HSDPA signal.

    • a1g12

      mine has a H too, and i dont tweak anything…

  • Martin G

    I got 8Mbps transfer rate on my G3… i guess that´s 3G+. For those of you that want to try JB (4.1.2) on the G3, i´ll recommend this site:

    i´m running this rom: http://www.needrom.com/mobile/jiayu-g3-2/
    And it´s so much smoother and better than the stock 4.0. It´s based on a UMI rom, and comes with modified Go Launcher.. Been running it since the day it was released, and it works 100% for me…

    • silcax

      @ Martin G , does led notication works? and also the dual sim functioning when using go sms? Im using a different 4.1.2 ROM rom from XDA but it seams that Lead notication is not supported,, to my dismay that the gosms dual sim compatibility also dis appeared as it was present to the official 1129 rom prior to updating..this current rom is fast and smooth, but just has those bugs i mentioned.. Im planning to update on your ROM being used if those bugs are not present. thanks

  • krish

    Hi Adrian,
    I a m from India.. I need your advise for good phone under $200 to 215 .My Requirements are (1. native video call support, high speed data transfor, 8 mp camera and comes with gorilla glass.. Is there any phone with these specifications? Plz give only reputed brand names… Thank you