Huawei about to take phablets too far with an 8.5-inch model on...

Huawei about to take phablets too far with an 8.5-inch model on the way?


Phablets! Love them or hate them, those 5+ inch devices are here to stay and are only getting more popular as the months pass by. But when does ‘usefully large’ become ‘ridiculously big’? Huawei could be on the verge of finding the answer to that out soon if this leaked 8.5-inch tablet phone launches!

I’m personally pretty open minded when it comes to tech. I’m like both iOS and Android, I like the convenience of a small screen phone, and the visuals of a bigger phablet, and I can see the appeal tablets ranging from 7+ inches, but Huawei may have just leaked a device which has me stumped.

The device in this leaked photo is said to be an all new 8.5-inch phablet (tablet phone) which could see the light of day as early as CES next year. Nothing is really known about the phone/tablet/phablet other than it will not fit in your trouser pocket and you WILL be laughed at when using it as a phone.

This is one device I’m having a really hard time getting onboard with, what about you guys?

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  • Randy Fabros

    Why don’t we just bring back the days where we have to bring our phones in attache case??????

  • Francis.R.

    Perhaps they are models designed to NBA players, or to the clown’s pockets…. in my case i think i would need a backpack to carry that monster hehe

  • Patrick

    A great idea, as most Chinese tablets lack GPS and 3G. Putting GPS and 3G into a tablet is not exactly innovative. But in the current market environment it is unique and could therefore be a success. Think of it as a tablet with better specs instead of a blown up phone and you will get the point.

    • GS88

      If you look at it as a tablet it would be ok.
      Between 7-13″ I would quicker consider it to be a tablet rather than a phone!
      But for a phone… really, nobody should go beyond the 6″-barrier.

  • njre

    That looks smaller than an 8.5″ screen.

    • Maybe he has massive hands?

  • Copenhagen calling

    C’mon, the phablet in the picture is clearly not an 8,5 inch screen, it looks like a 7 incher Cyrus Im holding, size-wise. The entire thing looks like 8,5 maybe..

  • thorun

    man i think 5 inch is already big, and i don’t pass this barrier. people are just insane walking around almost with a television screen in their pockets.
    Oh, my bad, it don’t fit in their pockets too.