Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Clone with quad-core Exynos 4412 CPU is just...

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Clone with quad-core Exynos 4412 CPU is just $160


We wondered just how long it was going to take for a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini clone to turn up, but didn’t realise the knock-off version could offer a better spec than the real thing and at only a fraction of the cost!

As you all know, the real Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is a shrunken down version of the hugely popular S3 and as such features a 4-inch screen to keep the size down and a dual-core CPU and 5 mega-pixel camera to help keep the price to a minimum.

This Samsung Galaxy S3 clone from Rhythm Communication Technology CO. LTD follows a similar recipe but doesn’t go as far with the shirking down. For example the screen is a slightly larger 4.5-inch unit and the hardware is almost on par with the full size S3!

Codenamed the S3 Mini quad-core, this Galaxy mini clone boast a 2 mega-pixel front camera, 8 mega-pixel rear, 1GB RAM and even a genuine Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core CPU!

samsung galaxy s3 mini clone has quad core cpuAs you can see from these leaked photos the Antutu score is 16136 which is extremely respectable (if it turns out to be true).

The price is pretty special too with the S3 Mini reported to be going on sale for just 999 Yuan or $160 which is the same price as Beidou’s Tegra 3 quad-core offering!

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  • AmazingArjan

    Looks like an excellent phone, especially if you like compact phones (like me)
    The Original Galaxy S3 is too big for my taste, and the S3 mini too low on specs. So this kirf could be just right.

    I wonder about the display resolution and exact dimensions, battery life etc.

    • GS88

      I even hoped it to be a bit bigger than the S3 mini, but 4.5″ is for me slightly too large. I hope for a 4.3″ high-end good-priced “thin-bezel-compact-phone” (like Sony’s Xperia T that, with a 4.5″ screen, is just as big as the Samsung Galaxy S2 with a 4.3″ screen). ;-P

  • Michael

    You ve got to be kidding me. $160 for a smartphone with these high end specs? Andi do you know when this phone will be released? Was seriously considering to buy one of those HDC Galaxy S3 clones but with these specs, this phone is the HDC Galaxy S3 killer. One thing we dont know yet will be the battery and screen specs. But either way, this phone is super cool at $160.

    Cant wait to get my hands on this … haha

    • neb

      Don’t get distracted by spec sheet, there’s much more to a phone than bundle of parts. Chinese folks usualy bundle good parts together, but do not know or want how to use them properly, resulting in mediocre overall performance.

  • frink_gr

    it seems that Rhythm Communication Technology CO. LTD found the Golden Section between Galaxy S3 and S3 mini…
    i think this phone could gain my interest!

  • could u please say where i can buy under what name

  • Hi,

    The limits of my visual detective skills got me this far …

    Can anyone offer more ?

  • Aman Vishnani

    I am with dinesh
    +Andi will u please specify the device name and where can I buy it..

  • AddiB

    Is it a Dual-SIM phone?
    Where can i buy it?

  • ksss

    Looks nice, and good specs. Would be nice with the name in chinese also, easier to buy somewhere then.


  • Tony DJ

    Hi Andi ,
    Been following this site for a few weeks now and very impressed. Hats off to ya , your doing a fantastic job…
    Very interested in this little number , any news on a release date and where to buy. I’m sure the wife would love it !

    All the best!

    Kind Regards

    • No idea yet but ill be sure to post any additional news I get.

  • Give me two!!!

  • Eli

    So where can I get this phone? I want it now!!!!!

  • Ricardo

    I like it,
    Where i can buy this and send it to Portugal?
    This is the time i say bye bye to my Nokia N95 😀

  • Mike

    I’m also interested in this phone.. please update with a comment if you know where we can purchase these phones..

  • Raj

    Just wow for $160. please let us know if you find out where to purchase from..

  • Vlastimil

    Yes this can be my phone. Because Samsung chip support Glonass. But it need better battery kit like Motorola Razr or Galaxy Nexus..
    And what abou GPU( know with GPU chip is there?) – like onda V972 has 8core Power VR SGX544MP2.. And verision with 2GB ram can be too good. Battery i can have like in lenovo P770 3500mah or more 🙂
    Please update or write shops when we can buy this phone

    • njren

      The older 4-core Exynos 4412 with 1gb RAM uses Mali-400 with standard clocking.

      The updated 4412 with 2gb of RAM (like in GS3, Meizu MX2, Lenovo 860i) also uses Mali-400 but both CPU and GPU are clocked higher.

      • njren

        Sorry, not “GS3″…I meant Galaxy Note 2.

  • Aditya

    very good article

  • Matt

    Does anyone know when and where these will be available?

  • Eli

    all I can find on the web is that it’s called YeeZone S3 Mini, maybe someone can find out more

  • mhack

    …good specs at low price.. where can i buy one?

  • leo

    Hello I want buy this phone. Yuo can vending.? Tanch’s
    Ciao, vorrei comprare questo smartphone, puoi dirmi come fare, grazie. Ciao

  • JOSH


  • Christiaan


    I think this phone has an awful screen resolution and would like to see
    a “hands on” with full review because I don’t believe this.

  • Doug

    I’m very interested in the G3 mini Quad-core. When will it be on sale. I looked on fastcardtech but no response. can someone help?

  • Sven

    Where can you buy it Andi i realy want this phone please leave a message

  • Mark

    I would like to know which store/website offer it and the name brand. Thank you

  • morpheous

    where we can faund it?
    what its full brand or etc

  • i want, where is the buy button!!!!!

  • Mark

    Any news about who is selling it????

  • meme

    Any news about who is selling it?

  • Toni

    Any news??

  • FredEllers

    a fake!