Goophone N2 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Clone and first quad-core MT6589 phone!

Goophone N2 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Clone and first quad-core MT6589 phone!


Goophone are back again but instead of their usual iPhone knock-off’s they have arrived with an all new quad-core Samsung Galaxy Note 2 clone named the Goophone N2! But being Goophone they haven’t done things by half, as the N2 is also the world’s first production phone with Mediatek’s MT6589 quad-core chip!

goophone n2 samsung galaxy note 2 clone specs

The Goophone N2 is the only Samsung Galaxy Note 2 clone to feature a stylus which other clones like the Star S7180 lacked, and has long been a feature customers have been longing their clones to come with.

goophone n2 samsung galaxy note 2 clone stylus

As you would expect from a Samsung Note 2 clone, the screen measures in at 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1280*720, the rear facing camera is 8 mega-pixels while the front facing camera is 2 mp.  A 3000 mAh Li-on battery runs the GooPhone N2 complete with Android Jelly bean 4.1. Like other Chinese phones there is 3G but still no LTE, meaning data speeds will be slower than the real Note 2.

Like the Goophone I5, the Goophone N2 comes with the new Alluminium Alloy suitcase, which outclasses the cardboard packaging of the genuine Samsung phone.

goophone n2 samsung galaxy note 2 clone

Goophone n2 in the box

goophone n2 samsung galaxy note 2 clone packaging

goophone n2 samsung galaxy note 2 clone antutuThe MT6589 quad-core CPU in the GooPhone N2 is clocked at 1.6Ghz, which means this clone is capable of impressive benchmark scores such as this outstanding score of 12522 on Antutu!

goophone n2 samsung galaxy note 2 clone with real note

The front and the back of the device side-to-side with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

goophone n2 samsung galaxy note 2 clone side by side

We’ll keep tracking the GooPhone N2 news and let you know once a launch date and pricing has been confirmed.

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  • Lord-SBM

    It’s fake. Look at 5.32 (time) of the video on Antutu specs report you’ll see SGX 531. MT6589 is SGX 544.

    • Wow nice catch!!

  • Tapas

    since these phones appear to be exact copies will i be able to use original samsung accessories with it(Flip Cover)????

    • I don’t see why not

  • No such thing as android 4.1.5.
    Kernel shows 3.0.13 which is ICS and not jelly bean.

  • johneliot1978

    seeing as its obviously fake 🙂 why not amend the post title to reflect that, for those less inclined to read post comments to get the real story? 😉

    • Mr Roboto

      It states in the title “Clone” this means fake! so there!

  • dan

    When will be t he(it) available for France

    Thank you

  • KingLJ6

    where can i buy it and will it come to germany without policy problems?

  • moni

    GooPhone has already disappointed to fans of this device. As announced that Goophone will come with quad core processor and display as original and also have good user interface but sound is also not good the sound likes other chines phone. But he did not fulfill his announcement.

  • Muhammad

    I am customer of Wind mobile service in Canada. This network uses a frequency called AWS, with bands 1700/2100.

    In other words any unlocked phone to be used with wind service must be compatible with the U.S. T-Mobile network.

    Is Samsung Galaxy replica compatible with wind mobile frequency.


  • teeone

    i just bought this, and it has an Ice Cream sandwich os, 5″ lcd

  • Apricot

    Where to buy and how to pay?

  • Pippone
  • Virginia

    Can I use the goophone n2 with the US service provider called straighttalk