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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series

There have been several worrying messages lately about the future of the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Following the Note 20, there was talk of Samsung …

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Many users have been complaining about the lack of innovation in smartphones in recent years. But it is undeniable that there are still some interesting …

Exynos 992

The race for the next-gen lithography has started as many manufacturers are now shifting from the current 7nm process to the next-gen 5nm. Samsung has …

Galaxy Note 10

Early reports already shared some tidbits about the pricing policy adopted by Samsung with the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 duo. Now, the popular leakster Ishan …

galaxy note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might be the last Note smartphone, as far as the naming convention is considered. According to The Bell, a Korean …

note 9, galaxy note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has made an appearance on Geekbench, revealing majority of its specs along with the benchmarks. As is always the case, …

Unboxing and hands on video with the octacore GooPhone N3, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clone.

Samsung has made available the Android v4.4 kernel source code it’s premier phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Billboard ad leaks Samsung Galaxy Note Ro and Tab Pro ahead of CES launch.

Details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite has been leaked thanks to a UAProf. The device’s screen sees a significant downgrade from the original Note 3

GooPhone have entered the 8-core phone generation with their Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clone GooPhone N3 which is available for presale now.

With Apple and rival chipset manufacturer Qualcomm releasing their own 64-bit processors and LG’s Odin apparently besting Samsung’s Exynos 5 on AnTuTu, Samsung is apparently feeling the heat and is reportedly working on a new custom built CPU named the Exynos S chip

Chinese phone maker Kuphone are back with an all new clone phone, a mini version of the popular Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a easier to manage 5-inch display.

The Octacore HiLive 16 has been released and is on sale in two different editions on HiLive’s official website.

Gear up ladies and gentlemen, the ZTE Grand S II is coming! Going by the leaked AnTuTu benchmark scores, the phone will pack some punch!

GooPhone have released a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clone an improved screen resolution of 1920 x 1080.

If you are a fans of large screen phones or phablet then OrientPhone are one of the brands to take a look at as they appear to have hundreds to choose from, and now they have launched another! The OrientPhone N3 N9002!

Orientdeal’s Orientphone brand have launched another alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with the added convenience of air gesture controls and smart scrolling.

China is where you want to be if you are after a top quality dual-SIM Android phone, the latest to go on sale being the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Chinese phone maker Nu.1 have released full details of their N3, a phablet which looks remarkably like the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3!