Video: Octacore GooPhone N3 Unboxing and Hands On

Unboxing and hands on video with the octacore GooPhone N3, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clone.

Over the years GooPhone have become infamous for producing clones of popular Apple and Samsung products. This sort of thing is generally frowned by most, but the allure of a near identical premium phone at a low-price is just too good to pass up for some.

goophone n3 hero

Demand for clones doesn’t seem to be waning at all, with both Chinese and international phone customers buying in to the idea, and as quality of these clones raises the difference between the clone and real thing is blurred further!

Octacore GooPhone N3 – Specifications

The GooPhone N3 isn’t an all new phone but rather an update of a popular Note 3 wannabe from 2013. Most of the specifications remain identical to last years clones with the one exception being the updated 1.7Ghz MT6592 octacore processor.

The rest of the GooPhone N3 specifications are as follows.

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Video: GooPhone N3 Unboxing

The full Goophone N3 review will be posted later this week. Any of you wanting to get your hands on this octacore Android smartphone can take a look over at where the octacore GooPhone N3 is currently priced at just $239.99!

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