Lenovo A280T spy photos show quad-core MT6589 benchmarks

Lenovo A280T spy photos show quad-core MT6589 benchmarks


We’ve been hearing reports that Lenovo were testing quad-core Mt6589 phones and now we have more proof thanks to these hands on photos showing the upcoming Lenovo A280T!

From the specs of the Levnovo A280T we can see the phone is a smaller 4.5-inch phone (which believe it or not phone makers there is still a market for) with a resolution of 960 x 540. There is dual-sim support, but only for TD-SCDMA, which is China Mobile’s own 3G network, an 8 mega-pixel rear camera and 4GB of built-in memory.

But it’s the performance we’re really excited about, and thanks to that quad-core Mediatek MT6589 CPU, 1GB RAM and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean the A280T manages an Antutu score of 13,656!

What makes the performance of the Lenovo A208T is the fact the at the phone is expected to go on sale for just 999 Yuan ($160) when it launches later this month!

It’s not just Lenovo who will be launching their MT6589 phones this month either as rival brands ZTE, TCL and Ginoee are all planning to have new models out in time for the Chinese Spring Festival holidays.

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  • HansSchmitt

    Hey Andi, do you think that one might get a decent 4,7-5,3 inch HD MT6589 phone for well under $200 in the next 2-3 months or will they be more expensive than the old 6577 models?

  • sam

    The prices that gizchina says are never the prices we customers get them for. Chinese websites shipping worldwide add about $25 then there is shipping costs too. We will be lucky if we can get one for $200.

    • “The prices that gizchina says are never the prices we customers get them for.” That should read “The prices that gizchina says are never the prices we INTERNATIONAL customers get them for.”

  • lukis

    $200? a u sure? it’s about $250-270 at start! (look at jiayu g3)

    • That’s the guesstimated China price. It will be more once resellers get their hands on them.

  • lukis

    Hey Andi, MT6589 is supporting hspa+
    Why Levnovo A280T is not supporting it?

  • Chris

    Will they make a version that works with Other 3G freq. Or maybe even 4G?

  • Tom

    I think it will be hard for the factory’s..
    All brands making new phones “very cheap” like:

    – JiaYu G4 QuadCore MediaTek
    – Subor Dream S Qualcomm APQ8064!!!!
    – Now Lenovo A280t MediaTek Only low resolution 🙁

    All phones = 999 yuan
    Subor Dream S = 1299 / 1499 yuan

    Looks Great!!

  • XrainX

    I don’t thik the world will end if a smartphone is smaller than 5 inches.
    For the next year people will still avoid to buy phablets and most of them still consider 4.5″ is too big.
    So I consider the most wanted sizes are between 4.5″ and 5″ with a best seller for 4.7″.
    Don’t forget that many people still have 3.5″ iphone sizes and jumping even to 4.3″ is a step too big for them.
    Anything over 5″ will be harder to sell than anything under 5″. Time will tell this year.

  • abirjin

    shame, international buyers wont be able to use this phone because its only TD-SCDMA

  • ali

    You can buy it if you want to waste your time and money. Here are some
    problems of the product (A820t): 1) The screen locks frequently and
    becomes absolutely dark, 2) I have bought it less than one year ago. I
    have to remove the battery two or three times every day to restart it
    manually because the screen locks with no reason. 3) It often shows
    there is no SD card or the SD card removed unexpectedly while the SD
    card is in its own place! It’s two simcards, one often stops working and
    it has to be restarted to work again, 4) It kills you to load a photos
    and videos, or a program. Booting or re-booting and loading apps takes
    several minutes, 5) The responsibility of the Lenovo’s agent in my
    location to solve the problems of their product (guarantee) is about
    zero. I have to complain here because the company didn’t concern these
    problems when I complained to them.