ZTE planning Nubia Z7 with 6.3-inch 2560 x 1440 display, 128GB storage...

ZTE planning Nubia Z7 with 6.3-inch 2560 x 1440 display, 128GB storage and 8-core CPU!!


The CES launch of the 6.1-inch Huawei Ascend Mate also marked the time I thought to myself “phones can’t get any bigger”, but just hours later I’m forced to eat my words as ZTE are planning a 6.3-inch Nubia Z7!

ZTE started 2013 with the launch of a new flagship brand and exciting new quad-core, 5-inch 1080 phone named the Nubia Z5. The Z5 has everything you could want from a high-end device from a great camera and screen to a powerful Qualcomm S4 processor, but ZTE obviously thought it lacked something.

Size! That’s correct, less than a day we see Huawei’s monster phone launched at CES, these leaked renderings for the new 6.3-inch ZTE Nubia Z7 arrive!

But leaked renderings wouldn’t be anything without some purported specifications to go along with them and here are the Z7’s. The screen on the Nubia Z7 isn’t just one of the largest we have seen, but if rumours are true, will offer the best viewing experience thanks to a resolution of 2560 x 1440!

Powering that monster screen will be an 8-core processor running at 1.4Ghz, while on board storage will match the vastness of the screen with a claimed maximum of 128GB!

Other highlights (wishful thinking?) of the Z7 include a Mali-T658 GPU, 4000mAh battery, 16 mega-pixel camera, Android 5.0, and LTE support!

Personally I’m confused at if this is an actual leak, of if someone has just spoofed us with their dream Nubia phone!

What do you guy’s make of this? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • lukis

    When the “more-inches-progress” will stop?
    Let them will do 10″ shovel and they will calm down then!

    • ratatata

      A 6.3″ screen should be the cap – if we’re talking about PHONES that have at least some sort of one handed usability.

  • etienne

    the ghz is low but further sounds good. think zte can make it , can some 1 know when the reeasedate is and what the pricing would b?

  • Robert S

    Would be a dreamphone for me. Ive always liked big and have had an 7″ SGT as my phone carrying it in my pocket all the time. But that was pushing the limit for me.

  • David

    Hello Andy, would you can me out to buy a phone? I’m in China looking for a great phone with the best price/performance ratio…but I don’t know which one is the best: HTC Butterfly, Oppo Find 5, Nubia Z5, Ascend D2, Honor 2….because some of them are still not released and I don’t even know where to buy an original one.. 😉
    Would you can send me an email please? I’m in Beijing by the way.

    • Sent you an email 🙂

      • etienne

        Well can buy the phones on their site s, should b cheapest way. u can search on an search engine for their sites.
        and then figgure out if the are out or can b shipped to the place u stay.So type nubia and huawei etc in the search engine,

  • Javier

    Hi Andi

    Im a gadjet addict and am interesting in buying some of these phones from China. I live in Spain.

    What site do you recomend ? Safe and trustworthy