Breaking: Oppo Find 5 will go on sale 29th January!

Here it is! The moment we have all been waiting for, the announcement of the Oppo Find 5 release date, and it’s only a matter of weeks away!

Oppo have announced that the Oppo Find 5 will go on sale on the 29th January, but before you all get too excited this is the date for the 5-inch phone to go on sale in China only. We are still waiting for confirmation as to when international markets will be able to buy the phone.

Oppo stores across China are now accepting preorders for the Find 5, which is sure to sell out as soon as it goes on sale! If you’re in China and want to ensure you get one head down to an Oppo dealer ASAP and place your order now or order it online (link below)!

Gizchina News of the week

The Oppo Find 5 was one fo the first next generation Android phones to be revealed for 2013 and features all the great flagship features other manufacturers are adding to their phones. The Find 5 boasts a 5-inch 1080 display, quad-core Qualcomm processor, 2GB RAM and a 13 mega-pixel Sony Exymor Pro rear camera.

The 16GB version of the Find 5 will cost 2998 Yuan here in China there will also be a 32GB version available too, but pricing has yet to be confirmed.

If you want to pre-order the Oppo Find 5 online head over to the official Oppo online store now!

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  1. XrainX
    January 15, 2013

    Last year, in some mail I asked a chinese producer why don’t want to add more features, better components in his products.
    He told me that he will make the phone used my ideas, the price will not differ too much from the big brand he will not sell anymore.

    For example if a Samsung is $400 and he will produce the same phone for $300 he will not sell it. But if will make it lower but for $150 he will sell for sure, thousands.

    I saw these days some enthusiasm regarding chinese high end phones and how will them “break” the market even is USA, the iPhone territory. I don’t think so because the price difference between chinese (with a bad reputation about quality) and big brands isn’t too big.
    And what if Motorola, LG, HTC, Sony, or Nokia will use the MT6589 processor and will sell smarphones with about 15% more than a chinese?

    The same ideas for Oppo Find 5 which will have the final price more than… $500???

    There is a long way even for Oppo and the best for chinese is to stay under $200 price including shipping. Of course if Oppo have 2-3 models under $200 is OK to prove their imagination.

    • January 15, 2013

      $500 off contract is pretty cheap for what it is. If they work with a carrier prices will be much less!

      • XrainX
        January 15, 2013

        You are right.
        1. $500 is not too much for the specs.
        2. For the same specs some other chinese company can make the same for $300 maybe. And that will sell in China, not worldwide.
        3. $500 is much because Oppo is not Motorola, LG, HTC…

        I don’t have anything against Oppo, or Lenovo which are 2 chinese companies which made very good products, but I don’t know if they can fight at this moment against big brands, even the MT6589 chipset give them a big chance for that.
        I am surprised at that price why don’t start selling with Android 4.2 and one of the selling points to be the Miracast support. They can make an entire marketing idea based on Miracast.

      • adit
        January 15, 2013

        Hmmm… This is a though choice. At this price range already I might decide to add $100 -$150 more and get a brand name, off contract.If it’s up to $200 like most chinese phones now, it’s another story , it’s a third of the price. There are some advantages still as some brand names make it very hard to root some of their phones, and I did not hear about any Chinese ones to have this problem.

        There are also other things to consider, for example a microSd card (would not get a phone without it – except maybe if the internal memory reaches 128GB and even then a removable card may be beneficial).

        Anyway, I’m glad that there is competition now even on the high end , this will generaly push down the prices (I don’t care about any “contract” prices as I never get into one).

      • tino96
        January 15, 2013

        Hi Andi,

        I am not an expert on buying phones on a contract.

        Say, if I buy the iPhone 5 on a contract in the US, 16GB. How much, in the end including the contract, is it going to cost me?

        I know that unlocked 16GB it is $699.

        Will on-contract cost eless or more after I pay everything at the end of the contract?

        • January 15, 2013

          It depends on the deal, where you live etc For us in China the monthly cost is minimal so it’s common to buy off contract.

  2. jeroen
    January 15, 2013

    Hi Andi,

    can you help me out? I am looking for a good China brand phablet that is around the same level of performance as the samsung note for instance. I am living in Dongguan, but it is quite difficult to find something good.
    What would you recommend? I am looking to use it for business means first and social use on low key.

    • Airyl
      January 15, 2013

      Hmmm, how about the Zopo Zp950 and Zp900? Or the Ginwave GNote 2?

      • January 15, 2013

        Ginwave Gnote for the stylus Zopo for the quality

  3. Paul
    January 15, 2013

    Hey Andy you traded in the one x yet? Its a difficult situation but for me its mostly a win iphone 5 for the missus=happy. She gives you one x then sell it, buy find=happy. You roughly lose on the money but just think of it this way you got a big discount on the find 5 n iphone 5 when you sell the onex.

    • January 15, 2013

      haha still thinking about it:)

  4. Saurabh
    January 15, 2013

    hi Andy,

    Not sure about the reputation of cellphones listed on, so just want to inquire if buying an handset from there (HDC or Star) will be durable enough? I am based in India and even with Shipping charges, handset on the site seems like a good deal..

  5. PeterP
    January 15, 2013

    Sony experia Z with it’s waterproof/sd slot just got priced at £399 in the UK from Expansys, so potentially will be even cheaper still. Available Feb/Mch.

    IMHO, either Oppo will drop the price or Sony is going to sell a load of phones. oppo looks better though.

  6. PP
    January 15, 2013

    Was a pricing mistake. Bugger, almost ordered one at £399. Still I think these new 1080p phones are stupidly overpriced ATM.

  7. January 25, 2013

    Hi Andy,

    Just checked the Nubia Z5 post and this one and would like to ask:
    what do you think, for how much and when (if they will do at all) prices for these two smartphones will drop to the level, which is more common for Chinese smartphones?

    These two look very good and appear to be well-made as well, but even the domestic market price is rather close to the brandnames’, so I’m unsure for how much they will be sold with int-l shipping.


    • January 26, 2013

      The Find 5 will go international for $499 for the 16GB model off contract. The Nubia is going to be a lot more. I’d wait for the Oppo international launch so you can get a good price and an official warranty