Lenovo looking at possible RIM acquisition!

Lenovo have been taking great leaps over the last few months to strengthen its mobile phone division, and now reports are suggesting the Beijing based company are eyeing RIM as a possible acquisition.

Both RIM and Lenovo have been having a hard time of late. RIM have been struggling to fend of Android and iOS devices, while also failing to meet launch dates for it’s new flagship BB10, while Lenovo have seen the market dry up in front of their very eyes as phone and tablet sales increase.

But could the two companies struggles be the perfect basis for a possible acquisition or partnership? Lenovo’s CEO Wong Wei seems to think so, and has openly spoken about his interest in either buying RIM outright or working with the Canadian company to licence the upcoming BB10 OS.

While it seems like a possibly great solution for both brands, neither will find a partnership especially easy. Blackberry would have to ensure that there secure data networks will be safe in the hands of a Chinese company, and Lenovo have had limited success with previous acquisitions such as IBM’s laptop line.

We won’t know what is happening for sometime but the next weeks launch of the new Blackberry 10 could be a pivotal moment for both companies!

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