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TV prices in India Russia Ukraine China lockdowns

TV prices in India are likely to increase considerably citing the Russia-Ukraine war, China lockdown, and a slew of uncontrollable factors. Indian TV manufacturers are …

Are you looking to build your business with another smartphone brand? CUBOT, is looking for professional business people to work with.

Asus logo Shi Chongxin

The European Commission has launched an investigation into three separate cases of anti-competitive practices by e-commerce traders, including Asus.

iuni u3 review

A sad day for Chinese phone fans as another player in the market shows signs that it won’t be with us for much longer.

siswoo r9 darkmoon review

We were contacted earlier today by readers asking if rumours of Siswoo’s take over of Zopo were true. After contacting both companies we can confirm the …

letv phone sales

LeTV surprised us all with their first Android phones, and have actually done something rather amazing! They have sold 1 million LeTV phones in just 3 months.

jiayu s3 review

JiaYu have responded to rumours about their demise to confirm that they will continue to trade and will join with partners to become a “New Jiayu”.

meizu mx4 pro review

Breaking news today! Industry sources in China are reporting that Taiwan’s Mediatek have invested in smartphone maker Meizu.

aston martin letv

For a new hardware makers, LeTV are already making some exciting partnerships, the most interesting so far with British luxury car maker Aston Martin.

efox buy antelife

As the phone market saturates so does is the reseller community surrounding them, and acquisitoins like the one between Efox and Antelife are going to become more common.

xiaomi technology park

China’s Xiaomi are full of surprises and today there was a big one! The announcement of the companies own technology park!

Mediatek must have impressed someone at Samsung, as reports are coming in that the Korean Android giant is planning to adopt the latest 8-core SoC the Taiwanese company.

Oppo are making tracks to become an international ‘playa’ and have just reported becoming the 2nd most profitable phone company in China!

Alibaba have been taking steps to enter the Chinese phone market with its own phones and OS for some time, rumours now claim the E-commerce …

Lenovo have been taking great leaps over the last few months to strengthen its mobile phone division, and now reports are suggesting the Beijing based …

This past Christmas week China managed to rank #2 for mobile apps downloaded for both iOS and Android devices.

Digitimes are reporting that component companies producing parts for the current iPad, the iPad 2, are slowing production, while ramping up manufacture of parts for …

Meizu are planning to launch 2 versions of their upcoming Android smartphone, the Quad-core Meizu MX. While Chinese mainland customers will be able to buy …

Yesterday afternoon, Apple invited representatives from 9 Chinese environmental protection groups, to discuss accusations that at least 27 of Apples suppliers were releasing poisoners toxins …

I wanted to write ‘All iPhone 4’s Sold Out Across China!?’ but the ‘S’ is quite confusing and those of us living in China haven’t …